Saturday, June 23, 2012

Knock, Knock, Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Hello Friend!

Wowzers, I'm a horrible blogger lately....just a lot going on that I can't tell yet...a lot still up in the air...a lot of giving up control and letting God work his plan.   

The last one is the hardest!  On one hand, we have the vision, we know what's in store, and we could get there on our own strength (well...we could give it all we got and do it or die trying!).   But on the other hand, we've come this far, through so much pain/growth, that settling for anything other than God's will just doesn't seem worth it!!!

Two of our boys leave tomorrow for a fun filled week of adventure with our church's Kidzlink staff.  And poor, poor Riley has wormed his way into doing a tour of the grandparents' and an aunt and uncle's...don't cry for him Argentina, he'll be just fine!!!

So while they're gone, I've got a lot to, working out (a TON), and I'll probably finagle a way to have some coffee dates here or there ;)

But, the most important thing on the agenda is to really hunker down and seek God....prayers that will open doors, paths, really, really go all out and focus on what lies ahead.

I know that you all will probably fall over with shock (especially because of how regularly I've been blogging lately!)...but I'm turning off the ol' computer and tv for the week.  Too many distractions, too many easy ways to shut off from The Here and Now.   

Have a great week, hope to be able to tell you lots when I come back from unplugging and plugging into a bigger and better source!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Laying More Stones

Last year I wrote about Ebenezer Stones....raising stones of remembrance...

Well, here's another one!  

Corey's pathology report came out Benign!

The surgery went well.  Corey was a little nervous on the way into the hospital, but we tried to keep him occupied...while every other kid in out patient surg was screaming their little bloomin heads off!  (first thing we did was put on the headphones and play some of his favorite songs)

Eventually, even the music and games that we brought couldn't contain the little fingers of fear from creeping in.  When in doubt, take a like a charm!

Jim made fun of me for bringing the camera...he really was kind of annoyed when I pulled it out of camera bag ;)  so, I took a super flattering pic of him.
Really though, best idea ever...he was such a ham!  Posing for the camera with his new sonic stuffed animal and his picture that he drew for the doctor!
Well, maybe not a total fix...still a little nervous...
Ok, now it's a little better ;)   Just needed a little bit of a mama snuggle!
The nurses were so sweet!  Everyone was kind and took their time to really talk To Corey.  They even had these cute little fabric hats that someone had made instead of the paper surgery hair nets.   He still wears this around the house!  
The whole deal took like 20 min!  They ended up taking out the lymph node and sending it to pathology.   Corey woke up great from his anesthesia..which was a huge concern of mine (just another thing to show me that I don't have to be so protective of him..he is a good kid and is getting so big!).  The recovery nurse said that he was so polite!  He thanked everyone over and cute :)   We truly are blessed to have such a support system of friends and family!

So, one more thing to check off the list!  

Glad that we got it done and over with and now we can focus on the next big thing...duhn duhn duhnnnnnnn...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

And...The Neglected Blog Award Goes To.....

Hey there Friends!  

 How have you been?!?  

It's been like one cashew short of a nut house here!

So, let's do a quick recap (and then I promise, I'll try harder to be a better blogger, mkay?) 

A couple of weekend's ago, we had a wild and crazy girls weekend in Madison--hung out with friends that Friday night and then met up with more the next morning for the farmers market :)   Total Awesomesauce!   

So much so, that this is the ONLY pic I have....Amber, darling, I'm going to kidnap Krystal's phone and ransom those photos!!! (or maybe it's best for them not to see the light of day lol)
This week, I celebrated the big 34.   I was having a bit of a hard time with it, I did that happen?!?  But then I got to thinking...would I really want to stay in my 20's?  No, not really!  I kind of like this stage of our are fairly independent, I'm secure in my relationships and who I am....I think 34 will be a good year for sure!

After going to the dreaded Secretary of State office to renew my license, the boys and I met up with Krystal and her boys to hang at the splash pad/mini putt/skate park.   Perfect place for a mom's birthday?  Sure thing---boys were occupied and happy which means mom can be occupied and happy ;)   Krystal was sweet enough to bake me some birthday cake protein bars too!  Yummy!!!

One quick stop at Sam's Drive In for a dipped cone and I'd say my birthday was complete!  (well, until a couple of hours later when we all stuffed ourselves on pork chops and corn on the cob at my parents!).   Seriously, I LOVE these boys!!!!!  Even the one who won't get his nose out of a book for 2 seconds to take a picture..guess that there's worse problems to have!

In other news, Corey's surgery is tomorrow morning.   I'm feeling much better about it (had a complete freak out last week, but it's all good...or it will be all good!).   Corey on the other hand is a little nervous....I keep trying to think of things to tell him so that he won't be caught off guard...

So far, the worry list is:

Possible I.V. (which in my book isn't a worry...he's had blood drawn recently, should be a piece of cake)

Sleeping/waking up

And my personal fav.....Surgery PJ's...and the possibility of no they still do that?!?  It really freaks him out lol!

I know that tomorrow will all go'll be an adventure!  He'll have to take it easy for a couple of days, but we cleaned out the library of Walace and Gromit so he'll be grand ;)

I'll be sure to post how he does tomorrow after we get back!