Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 20!!!

Excuse my annoying Europe song..but....It's the Final Countdown..nanana..nananana...


Last Day!  No measurements.  Sorry.  It was Jim's b-day this weekend and I blew my eating out of the water!!!!!  (I'll post a recipe tomorrow...but for the Love of God...and your not..Do Not make this heavenly concoction!)

So far, I've lost 11lbs :)  There's a new challenge being posted tonight at  I probably won't be posting all my numbers....maybe once a week I'll update or something.

Day 20--Fit Test #3      (#1, #2)

Squat Jumps                               28   (2, 29)
Push Ups                                     24   (25, 22)
Burpees                                       11   (10, 12)
High Knees                                135  (92, 160)
Switch Lunges                             21   (20, 18)
Tuck Jumps                                 17   (3, 12)
Straight Abs                                 25   (24, 23)


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 19--almost there--

Go Baby--Go Baby!

After 2 days off, it was really hard to actually work up to doing this challenge.  It's a repeat of Day 12..which was brutal...and I've had knee pain and stomach issues all weekend...

A quick Birthday shout out to the Hubster--yesterday was his special day :) We ate accordingly...biscuits and gravy for breakfast, caramel macchiato (which he made me spit out my nose!) and today his favorite supper is in the crock pot....Italian beef...lots of pepper...and a homemade peanut butter cup ice cream cake in the freezer....I don't even want to step on the scale this week!!!!!!!

Like I said, today's challenge was a repeat so I'll post the old scores in ().

*sorry about all the wonky skewed numbers....argh!....I'll be so glad when I don't have to mess with them!!!!...I swear that they are straight when I type them!

Day 19 Stats:

Press Up, 1/2 Burpee, Tuck Jump                                                         6 (5)
High Knees                                                                                             70 (65)
Switch Lunges                                                                                        12 (11)
H.K.                                                                                                          69 (66)
Spider Knee Push Ups                                                                          13 (14)
H.K.                                                                                                          66 (62)
High Knees/ Mt. Climbers  x10 each                                                   2.75 (3)
H.K.                                                                                                            67 (56)
Side Jump, Elbow to Knee, Tuck Jump                                                  5 (3)
H.K.                                                                                                           68 (57)
Press Up + Side Dip                                                                                 6 (6)
H.K.                                                                                                            66 (56)
V Abs                                                                                                         19 (20)
H.K.                                                                                                            72 (58)
Star Jumps                                                                                                16 (15)
H.K.                                                                                                            70 (52)
Toe Touch Abs                                                                                         20 (20)
H.K.                                                                                                            62 (56)
Squat Jumps                                                                                             17 (18)
H.K.                                                                                                             58 (55)
1/2 Burpee + Press Up                                                                               8 (9)
H.K.                                                                                                              66 (0)

Whoo...are you tired just reading that?!?  I least from to eat some cake lol!

Have a good evening!  Looks like the sunset is going to be fantastic so take a second and enjoy God's glorious display :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oooops! It's Day 18...

...somehow I got my numbers all discombobulated and marked down 2 15''s all fixed now..I think!

Today's scores were kind of stinky.  I've been feeling like I'm going to be getting something..something..the last 2 workouts have been dragging.   This evening, I got The Worst stomach ache (praying that's it..Hubby planned himself a big birthday date tomorrow..goodness, he's old!).

Day 18 Stats:

Push Up + Front Raise                                                                                   7,8
(used  my gal water bottle in place of their sandbag)

Bag Drag                                                                                                       10,6

Comando Push Up + Roll + 10x Mountain Climbers                                  2,3

Shoulder Lift + Squat + Leg Lift                                                                    9,9

Round the World Squat                                                                               12,14

Squat & Press + Jump                                                                                14,19

As always...Workout from  

Today was my last set of injections...what in the world will I do Not driving into the Big City every stinkin week?!?   Tomorrow is my rest day---Praying that these shots will keep doing what they're supposed to do!!!!!

Have a great Friday :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 17---Amazing!!!!!

Day 16!

I feel like I might be getting a cold, but I'm going to keep on pushing through!!!!!!!!   

Yesterday, I did an extra round of Ab work at the gym after my hour of cardio.  Threw in a 10 lb medicine ball just for kicks and I was Feelin' it Today!

This is definitely a banner moment for me---I did 5 Reverse Pull Ups, using a broom and 2 chairs!!!  Seriously--5 Reverse Pull Ups!!!!!  Took me all 50 seconds to do them (6 actually, with my test run to make sure for real that the chairs wouldn't come crashing down on me, lol)...but I still tried!   2nd and 3rd round I modified to a row using my "water bottle" weight. 

Without further adieu.....

Day 16 Stats:    50 seconds, 3 rounds

Push Up + Clean & Press + Squat & Press                                     4, 5, 5

Plyometric Jump + Press Up                                                              4, 6, 5

Plank- floor & knee touches                                                                5, 6, 7

Reverse Pull Up                                                                                   5!!!!, 25, 38
(last 2 rounds mod to row)

Doing my little happy dance right now :)  shufflin across my living room...feeling a little bit British...getting my "Lisa-Marie" on  (not that she'd ever be reading my blog, but AMAZING-- pinch me, because I must be dreamin' results!!!!)

See y'all's injection day, so I'll be finishing up Sat. and Sun.  WhooHoo---3 more days and I'll have finished 30 day Challenge--Unbelievable!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 16---It wasn't Pretty...

I don't know what the deal was today, but I was beat from the very beginning of this workout!!!!

A lot of legs, last set of plank jumps did me in...landed wrong and zingered my knee...grrrrr!  (not bad now thank God..hopefully it will stay that way!)

Same old, same old. Day Challenge--Start at week 1 day 1 fit test.

Only 4 more workouts after this :)

Day 15 Stats:   50 second intervals, 3 rounds

1 Leg Push Ups & Jump Over                                              8, 10, 12
(mod after 1st round to just 1 leg push ups)

Side Straddle Run & Burpee                                               4.5, 8, 7.5
(mod. to 10 high knees & burpee)

Squats & Woodchop                                                             16, 21, 21

Plank Jumps                                                                           15, 18, 13     
(mod. to on elbows instead of straight arms)

I have Finally broke through my little stall's like I have to convince my body that it doesn't waaaant to be fluffy...really, you'd be happier and's good for you..suck it up and let it go already!!!!

I'll do my measurements and weight loss on Day 20---can't wait!  Can you? ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 15--800 Rep Challenge!!!

Day 15...and I thought I was hurting after Day 14!!!!!

Maybe it was because my backside and arms were still feeling yesterday's workout, but whoo..that last round of push ups about did me in!!!!   I'm going to have nightmares about High Knees tonight ;)  30 Day Challenge.  There hasn't been a huge difference scale wise, but body-wise oohwhee mama!  It's been incredibly hard, I've pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could do..and it has payed off!   I'm not all about kids being on diets...and Jamie isn't  following our plan (believe me he gets Plenty of treats!), but he's dropped 10 lbs!  It's helped that he hit a growth spurt.  He's all buff and muscly now...every almost 12 yr old's dream ;)

Day 15 Stats:

800 Rep Timed Challenge (Repeat 2 times)

25 Push Ups
100 High Knees
25 Ab Knee Tucks
100 High Knees
25 Squats w/ wts
100 High Knees
25 Tricep Dips

My Time:     16:35

This was hard..super hard.  My arms were screamin'!  The last 2 sets of High Knees felt like my shoes were made out of cement!   

There's something about pushing through when your head is telling you to just do 1 round....skip the last tricep dip, no one will know.  Well you know what, I'll know...and there's a huge sense of accomplishment from not giving in to what my head wanted and finishing the whole set!  (of course, I'm saying that after I was finally able to move hahahaha)

Tomorrow's a "rest" day from the I'll see ya on Tuesday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 14..Oh. My. Goodness.....

Just finished Day 14  and I can hardly type....I know that I say this Every time..but..Whoooo!!!  

Today was killa arms and legs...K.I.L.L.A!!!

Stats:  3 rounds, 50 second interval

Tuck Jump Up and Over                                                                       17, 24, 20
(mod w/o bar..then w/o jump...gotta save the ol' knees)

Elevated Press Up w/ Knee Raises                                                     6, 11, 14
(2nd and 3rd rounds mod w/o Elevation)

Elevated Side Plank w/ Rt. Leg Lift                                                     18, 30, 30
(oh yeah right...funny..tried..not gonna happen..mod w/o elevation)

Elevated Side Plank w/ Lt. Leg Lift                                                      30, 26, 29
(mod w/o elevation)

Things have really been a struggle lately.  It feels like one thing after the other just keeps going wrong.   I've gone into survival mode...hadn't read my Bible in forever and a day....just couldn't get into heart was hard, but that never helps.   Last week, I really made a good effort to spend a lot of time just seeking God.  Just trying to find the way out or a purpose for this all.   Life can really get frustrating and sometimes it's hard to see through the fog. I found such relief in Jeremiah 30-31.   If you're hurting or struggling, I really hope that you'll look those verses up!   God is here and always has been...waiting to show you that there is another side to your journey.  The valley is something we go through, not camp out and build a home ;)

Jeremiah 31:2-6 :

 The people who survive the sword,
will find favor in the desert.
I will come to give Israel rest.

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness.
I will build you up again
and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel.
Again you will take up your tambourines
and go out to dance with the joyful.
Again you will plant vineyards 
on the hills of Samaria;
the farmers will plant them 
and enjoy their fruit.
There will be a day when watchmen cry out
on the hills of Ephraim.
'Come, let us go up to Zion,
to the Lord our God.'

I don't know about you, but I sure am ready to find some favor in the desert---and I'm more than ready to grab the ol' tambourine!!!!  I'm Ready to Dance with the Joyful!!!  

Just like in exercising, the weight of the things that we struggle with only makes us stronger! in the making :)

Have a great weekend..I'll be posting one more challenge tomorrow and then it's onto the last week!  I'm glad, yet will miss this challenge...hope that they will start another again :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucky Day 13

Day 13!  My grandma would've skipped this one...but since their site was down yesterday and they said to repeat Day 8, it should be all ;)

Surprisingly enough, I blew a couple of last week's #s out of the water!  Squat Jumps and my 2 sets of Push Ups were amazing!  Everything else was about even...but I concentrate more on my form with the Presses..I don't want to mess up my knees more than they are..or throw out my back..wouldn't That be Lovely?!?

Not much else going on's injection day so I'll have no exercises until Saturday..maybe.  

Let's see what else...

Oh big major trauma drama for me on root canal tooth decided to Break!!!  I almost Pass Out freak!   It's all good now.   The dentist put some putty stuff in it to fill it up and make it Not sharp...should be fine until my dental insurance Finally accepts their bid for the crown.  That's about it for me this week.  My eating has been garbage, well not "garbage"  or even junk food...but a girl can only live on apple sauce and scrambled eggs for so long before she goes a little nutty!

Alright, enough chit's the meat and potatoes.....

Day 13  (2 rounds, 50 second interval)

                                                             Today's                               Day 8

Clean and Press                                 15, 19                                25, 17

Squat Jumps                                       30, 27                                25, 24

3 Tier Push Up                                    18, 16                                14, 13

Reverse Pull Up (push up)                 17, 13                                10, 10

Squat and Press                                 19, 17                                20, 19

Switch Lunges                                     19, 20                                19, 18
Well, I'm off to choke down some scrambled eggs ;)  Have a Fantastic Day!!!!!  (it's colder here than a penguin's tail feathers, but the sun is out sort of..)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 12....Isn't It Swell..

Day 12.....what a killa!!!!!  Seriously, whoo..I can't believe that I finished it!!!

****  Sorry about the formating...too tired to figure it out, it is what it I'm off to go pass out in a puddle ;)   you know the drill...go there, check it out..this was Day 2 Week 3...if you're interested, start at Day 1 Week 1..there's also a nutrition section...Good Stuff People!

Today was 21 circuits 30 seconds each, 10 seconds rest  (supposed to be 22, but I accidentally missed the last one on the video...).   I'm beat, but not enough to skip going to the gym and do 40 min of cardio afterwards ;)

Day 12 Stats

Press Up, 1/2 Burpee, Tuck Jump                                          5

High Knees                                                                              65

Switch Lunges                                                                         11

High Knees                                                                              66

Spider Knee Push Ups                                                          14

High Knees                                                                              62

High Knees x 10, Mt. Climbers x 10                                       3 rounds

High Knees                                                                             56

Side Jump w/ Elbow to Knee, Tuck Jump                             3 rounds
 (these were like a side burpee/plank w/ elbow to knee..argh!)

High Knees                                                                              57

Press Up, Side Dip                                                                  6 rounds
   (Push Up to a side plank with a hip drop..killa!)

High Knees                                                                             56

Star Jump                                                                               15
High Knees                                                                            52

Toe Touch Abs                                                                      20

High Knees                                                                            58

Squat Jump                                                                           18

High Knees                                                                            55

1/2 Burpee, Press Up                                                             9 rounds

High Knees          (oops, missed this one because their website was down)

12 down, 8 to go....I can Do This!!! was a complete stretch, but pressed on and pushed through!   One more "day" tomorrow then I'll get a rest for Friday after my injections (one more thank God!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 11.....

Day 11 is fitness test # check scores with Day 1

Looking back on my scores, not much has really changed.  As far as numbers, high knees I almost doubled.   But..;the biggest improvement has been time...I'm much closer to the 10 second rest between sets!!!  So, that keeps the ol' heart pumping and legs are constant jello.   

Whooo, here we's stats.....1 Round, 50 second intervals

                                                          Day 1                                      Day 11

Squat Jumps                                       2                                               29

Push Ups                                           25                                               22

Burpees                                             10                                               12

High Knees                                          92                                            160

Switch Lunges  (straight)                      20                                              18

Tuck Jumps                                          3                                               12

Straight Abs                                        24                                              24

There we have it....week 3!!!!!!  whoot whoot!   

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting My Behind OFF The Couch.....

....and onto the mat!!!!

Boy, today was a tough one....not only physically challenging....Oh, the mind games going on inside of my head today!!!!  Just watch some football with your man, snuggle in and worked hard last's just one day....

I am happy to say that my head lost and my bootie won ;)

Day 10!!!!!!  

Half way there!!!!

Broken record it out!!!!  You can do it!!!   Don't worry about not starting on the very first day--go to fit test, week 1 day 1---see the transformation!!!

Day 10 (week 2, day 5) Stats---600 rep challenge---no intervals, just go until you're done or dead!

100 high knees (mod w/o jumping rope)

100 lunge kicks (oh yeah baby, 50 on each side!)

100 high knees

100 squats

100 high knees

100 abs (25 straight abs, 25 V abs R & L, 25 bicycle abs)

Time: 22min 30 sec (actually probably less, but I had to run to the kitchen and ask Jim how to work his dumb old stop watch ;))

My abs legs are useless shaky jello limbs...but...I Have Made It through 10 of these!!!!  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 9...Lordy!!!

Just got done with Day 9 of the 30 day `challenge.  whoo...shoot...these are the world's longest "12" minutes ever!!!  It took me 15, but I made it and i didn't die! 4, Week 2

Oh the past 2 weeks, I think I have sweat buckets more than I have ever in my entire LIFE!!!   It's good.  I feel myself getting stronger in these routines...haven't noticed much on the scale and it's a smidge disheartening.   (who am I fooling, it sucks!!!!!)  I've been eating "primal" all dairy, no grains, no starch, no sugar (except what's in fruit and veggies)....all that and all I am is smack dab right where I was before Christmas.  I think that my body Likes this number or something....

I have to admit that last night, I total caved and ate a brownie with the kids.   I was hurting (these injections can start working in my knee anytime now..seriously!!!!) and mad about the scale and other things in my life.  It seems that I have the hardest time keeping strong when things I have no control of don't go my way.  To some extent, I can't control the #'s on the scale....sure, I can control what I eat, how much I exercise...but obviously, that doesn't always show evidence right away.  Annoying.  That's it, pure and simple...when I'm annoyed with the world, I want comfort.  And when I'm not finding that comfort, nothing soothes temporarily like a warm brownie...but then it turns into a chocolaty pit of loathing and dispair.

So there ya go, I'm Not Perfect.  I mess up, I beat myself up, and I do unhealthy things even when I know better.  Constant battle with the flesh....

Ok, that's about all of that I can take before I go dig brownie crumbs out of the pan ;)

Day 9 Stats:

Push Up + Burpee + Pylometric Jump (mod squat jump)  (9, 6, 7)

Star Toe Touch Abs (23, 27, 24)

Sit Squat Jump w/ Wt. (mod to squat jump..then just squats)  (26, 24, 24)

Ball Toe Touchx10 + Mountain Climbersx10 (5, 5, 4)

Tomorrow's the 600 rep challenge...looking forward to it, but not.  Have a great Saturday!!! I'm off to go grocery shopping...and for sure, you won't find any brownie mix in my matter how bad I want it!!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 8 At 8a.m....Ain't it Great....

Oh yeah, whooo....gasp....huff....

Day 8 was strength and cardio (seriously....which day isn't?!?)

Clean and Press, Squat and Press...2 rounds of push arms are screamin'!!!!...don't forget the squat jumps and legs are screamin' too!!!

Here we go--same old, same may look hard, but I'm doing it so Anyone can do it.  She gives modifications at the end of the day's video--Any Level can do this!!!  Even if it's just one push up in 50 seconds--It's more than if you were just sitting there with your feet up watching the telly (ha.see...she wares off on you!)   If you go and look for today's video, its week 2 day 3 :)

Day 8 Stats---5o sec intervals, 2 reps through

Clean & Press   (20, 17)

Squat leaps (25, 24) * I actually did the jumps today for the first round--felt great..until the 2nd round...then just straight squats

3 Tier Push Up (14, 13) * these were killa...stop for a sec at bottom, middle, & top of push up...ugh!

Reverse Pull Up--modified w/ close push up (10, 10) *ok..forget the last one, These Were Killa!  Hands closer together, directly below shoulders---Ahhhhhh!

Squat & Press (20, 19)

Switch Lunges--mod step front lunges (19, 18)

I  probably should mention that we don't have a snazzy pink sandbag--used a gallon water bottle for Presses.

Two more days left for this week :)  Are you sick of this yet?'s going to keep on going, my accountability deal here...and if I want, I can look back and be all laughing over when I could only do 10 push ups ;)

Have a Great Day--it's going to be a tough one here, can't reveal much...just pray please---Thanks So Much!  Love You Guys!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 7...It Sure Ain't Heaven!!!!

Day 7 Booya!   (sorry, all this working out brings out my inner bad girl I guess ;))

So, I'm totally too lazy to link the video..arms not quite working right yet....whoo..yeah, this one was killa on the old arms, burpees, tricep dips, pike push ups (seriously, who thinks of these?!?)  KILLA! all know it by now and I sound like a broken record, but when I'm all ripped and everyone wants to know how it happened, ya'll can go there and sweat it up ;)

Day 7, sweating like a maniac right now....for real..I shouldn't even be sitting on this couch...d.r.i.p.p.i.n'!!!   My tooth really hurt last night after Day 6, today just a smidge...hopefully it will stay that way because I still have an hour of cardio to get in before the "big snow storm" hits.   So funny, we haven't had like more than 2 inches all year and now that they're calling for 4 everyone's all "whooooo, snooow...what are we gonna do?!?"  Serious panic going on in facebook land...cracks me up...if it's single digits for accumulation, I'm not going to panic (especially because the closer we get to spring, the stronger the sun will be and the faster it all will melt!)   Ok, enough whining..more sweating!

Day 7 Stats (50 second interval, 2 rounds)

Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee (9, 9) *jump in a "square" and at the bottom of each side do a 1/2 burpee

Lunges (22,23)

3 Point Plank Jump + R&L Knee to elbow (7,7)

Side Leap-aka by the boys--Spidermans (40, 48)  *now, I didn't get down low like she did because of my knees, but I kept up the pace and was getting air under the ol' feet!)

Tricep Dip + Knee Tuck (9, 12) *mod using the couch

Walking Pike Plank + Push Up (9, 9) *these were awesome and terrible all wrapped up in one, basically it's a push up in downward dog postition....Wowzza!!!!  Hello Loverly Shoulders!

Well, it's Wednesday of the second week of this challenge!  So far I've kept it clean eating all primal, getting a little tired of scrambled eggs because of my mouth hurting-----But, when I'm weak He is Strong!  I can do all things in Christ Jesus!!!  We are Victorious---Nothing in this world has a hold on me, especially not my own flesh and bones!!!!!

I didn't snap a real pic in, here's a pre-workout shot...yep, I'm rocking my hub's fire shirt!  This may not sound too exciting, but I haven't been able to do that in Years!  In fact, in all of our years of dating, I have Never been smaller than him (he was a one of those crazy muscly, athletic kids that weighed 137 the day we got married ;)).....Oh yeah, Mr. better watch out cause I'm running full steam ahead, lol!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pushing Forward

Today was the big day---root canal Day!!!!  (I sound enthused, right?!?)

So, even though my face is kind of throbbing tonight, I still managed to get in Day 6 of the challenge.

 (by the way, the procedure was a piece of cake...I still feel soooo much better than when my tooth was at it's worst a few weeks ago)

I'm not posting the video here..even I have my limits of bootie-ness ;)   Regardless of all the skin, these are great workouts, so head to and get your challenge on!!!!

Today's Stats were ehhh, pain kind of slowed me down....If I can do it in my physical state and  just after a root canal, there are No Excuses!!!!!

Drummmmmm Rollllllll

Stats for Day 6   (3 rounds, 50 second interval)

Press up+Burpee+Tuck Jump (no jump)x2,  10 straight punches (2.5, 3, 2.5)

Press up+Burpee+Tuck Jump (no jump)x2, 10 hook punches (2.5, 3, 2)

Press up+Burpee+TuckJump (no jump)x2, 10 straight &hook punches (2.5, 3, 2)

Mid Ab/High Ab Sit Ups (20, 19, 23)

So, there it is...stayed strong, pushed through...another day down :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 5 and I'm Alive :)

Good golly, nice shot to start on right (I seriously wish there was an eye roll smiley!!!!!!)

Today's challenge, the 400 rep challenge...dreaded it...but survived..thrived.....Oh Yeah Baby!

4 rounds, 75 high knees + 25 knee raises (no dip station so I did the sit up version)

no 50 second interval today, just straight out hall butt!

Time:  5:28    (probably not the best, but man I was D.O.N.E by the last 20 leg raises!)

Jamie got 5:11  he's a Rockstar for keeping up with this!!!  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 4..and I'm About To Hit The Floor!!!

Rested yesterday, today my knees feel SO stiff!!!

Oh well, Day, was it hard to actually start this one...watched the kiddos do it yesterday and it was Beast!

Thankfully, Jamie was an amazing time keeper today :)   So encouraging...especially when I thought I couldn't do one more push up, or plank jump---Come on Mom, just Believe that You can and you will!  (where does he get that stuff!  Such a good kid!)

Day 4 was 4 exercises with 3 Reps...50 second intervals (and a wheeee bit longer than 10 sec break in between)

Today's Stats:

                                                        Rnd 1                         Rnd 2                     Rnd 3

Burpee + Push up                             8                                7                             6

Push Ups                                          20                              20                          20

Triple Plank Jumps                          15                              15                          13

High Knee  Dips                               18                              20                          18
(mod to high boat/low boat sit ups)

Almost done with week 1!  Tomorrow we hit Day 5  (400 rep challenge....ugh)

But, we can do it...and so can you---if you try this, let me know!!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hitting the Pause Button Today

Yesterday's doc appt. has left me feeling pretty sore today (had nothing to do with day 3's challenge right?!?)   They had a bit of a struggle drawing off some fluid and today I feel like someone hit the side of my leg with a sledge hammer!!!!!

I am having such a battle--do I power through or take it easy---

On one hand, I have this great momentum going and I really don't want to stop it.

On the other, I am spending $250 for these shots that in 5 weeks will hopefully make me feel good as stop being so stubborn Shelly and listen to what your body is saying!

Ugh!  Yes, I am officially admitting that I am stubborn, pig headed, don't tell me what I can't do, no one got anywhere without pushing themselves......but I also admit that this attitude, although good, can land me straight back at square one!

Diet is 80% of your success.

So, I'm keeping my eating tight I have all week...and maybe, just maybe, I'll go take an easy elliptical stroll later...and maybe add in some abs with the medicine ball...

I think that I've mentioned that Jim and Jamie are doing this challenge with me.  I'm not sure, but I think we've lost daddy...Jamie though, is going strong!

On an interesting note, I've seen a change in Jamie's attitude since starting this...even when he had a total breakdown yesterday (amazing how when I was struggling with the same routine, he started cracking up...oh yeah, super funny son!).   I think it's because it's something we alone are sharing..maybe it makes him feel grown up, or special, or whatever he needed.   He's really getting into this and I can see connections being built through this bonding while completely killin' it on the mat :)    As we tromp closer to the dreaded teen years, I'm thinking that we'll have to keep up these challenges as a family.

Jamie and Riley competed with the Day 4 challenge today...boy, I'm going to have some stiff competition tomorrow when I hit it....ugh, they're not going to let me hear the end of it if I don't keep up with their pace!

Well, it's Friday---Have a great weekend, be good to yourself, and remember that sometimes it's ok to need to pause for a moment...just don't hit the stop button!  You Can Do It!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3...Oh MY LORD!!!!!

Whoo...Gasp....holy smokes!!!!!!!!!

.....sorry, too weak to type!!!

Just got done with day 3...and as Ms. Lisa-Marie says--It was Killaaaaa!

Today's Stats:          

(sorry that #'s are all wavy...I swear, they're not in the publisher and I'm just too dang tired to try and fix it!!!!)

Superman Push ups                                                                           11

Push up with Bilat. knees to elbows                                                  11

Squat & Press (w/ gallon water bottle)                                              23

Squat, jump forward, 3x squat (mod most of the jumping)                6

Dip Station--mod w/ push ups                                                            23

Side jump, oblique knee raise, jump, switch sides                            7

Close press up, jump, sumo knee raises                                            5

Dip on couch w/ leg lifts                                                                       12

Overhead Abs w/ press (gal water bottle)                                         13

Shoulder wt, squat, switch shoulders, squat wt to floor                    11

Speed Run                                                                                           135 steps

whew...yeah...I'm hitting the shower....see ya tomorrow!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2...

Kicked MY Butt!!!!  seriously, mainly lunges, squats, jumps, crazy push up/plank moves!

But, I made it..even after my little stinker time keeper let me go for longer than the 50 sec intervals a couple of times (heeeheehee..snicker snicker's knees sound like legos in lego I'm dying and sweating my butt off ;))

Again, if you can get past the girl in pretty much underware, these are really good workouts.

(I wonder if I tried it in my skivies if I would get better kidding..hahaha..that would be SO Scary!)

Here's my stats for today:

10xhigh knees & 10x mt. climbers                                                            3 reps

2xsquat jumps, 2 push ups, 1 tuck jump 
(I modified it and just did squats for the jumps)                                        5 reps

Center to Elbow (L & R), 2 legs jumps                                                     12 reps

Push up, jump squat, jump (mod with plain squats)                                  5 reps

5xtuck jump (mod high knees), 1/2 burpee w/ 5 sec hold                         4 reps

spider push up & straight leg push up (L & R)                                            5 reps both sides

10xsquats, 10x squat jumps (mod all squats)                                            50 squats

Elbow to knee jumps, 10 each side                                                              3 reps

wide leg jumps with a push up                                                                       6

speed run in place 50 seconds                                                         made it and DIED!

All that in 50 second intervals..supposed to take 12 min (use a 10 sec rest in between sets)..but ended up taking about 20..needed a smidge more than 10 sec to be able to move..regardless, my legs felt like cement for that last 50!!!!!  

But, Day 2 is finished!!!!!

Have a super fantastic Wednesday :)   I'm off to the gym for another round of cardio before I have to take it easy tomorrow after my injection.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


January is going to be a killer month here...KILLER!!!!!

First up (please ignore the bootie shot, why oh why does there always have to be a bootie shot?!?..but if mine looked like that, I'd probably be flinging it everywhere ;))

BodyRock has some great workouts...quick...not much equipment (and usually has a version to do without whatever)

So, they're starting a 30 day challenge...30 days, kick your behind workouts...muscles here I come ;)

I'm going to post my progress here, so either ignore it....or.....get inspired!  There's a quote that's floating around pinterest that says even a 14 min mile laps those still on the couch!!  I promise that you'll Never regret doing something to improve your health---baby steps or hard core--your body will thank you, your mood will improve (and goodness as we enter the January blahs, we all need that) and you will just transform!!!'s my stats from today's fitness test (pre-ish challenge to see where your baseline is)

*also, some of these I am going to have to modify to Not shoot me knees all to heck...really...anybody can do this (yes, there's heavy breathing involved and copious amounts of sweat..but it's a good thing!!!!)

50 sec intervals, doing as many as possible, with a 10 sec rest in between

Squat Jumps                     2
Push Ups                         25
Burpees                           10
High Knees                      92
Switch Lunges                 20
Tuck Jumps                       3
Straight Abs                    24

Some are better than I thought, but most were pretty much exactly where I thought I'd land...funny thing is that both Jamie and Jim are doing this with me...and my numbers weren't that far off from theirs!!!!!  (go mama go!)

I'm also doing 30 days of primal blueprint with my friends Krystal and Cory (Jim is joining us, but he doesn't know it just yet heeheehee!)

Another challenging thing this month is my very first root canal...yep, super excited...gah!  I have only had 1 cavity...not looking forward to this one.  Any suggestions or words of encouragement...I will survive right?!?

And, I am also going for a series of 5 shots in my knees to help me push through all of this weight loss stuff.  Pretty ironic that the things that help to loose weight, makes your knees hurt, but loosing weight will eventually help your knees!    These shots are not my favorite.   My specialist is nice and his nurse is very friendly, so that's a bonus, but I could seriously do without the 3 inch needles ;)

Alright, there's my challenge put out for all the world to see.

I hope that this inspires someone...there's no excuses....if I can do it, anyone can!  

Stop settling for just ok!  Go for Exceptional!!!!