Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Unconditional is a word that we just can't seem to wrap our brains around. Everything seems to have strings or motives, even if it's not in a bad way.

I was reading Psalm 106 the other night. It tells about Israel rebelling against God, getting in trouble, and then God steps in and saves them time after time:

(7-13) Israel gave no thought to God's miracles while Egypt, they forgot his many kindnesses. They rebelled, yet he saved them...Then they praised his name and believed his promises.

BUT, they soon forgot.

They whined and complained again and again, but God still kept saving them. I guess I've always assumed God shows great restraint when dealing with us (if it where me, I surely would have zapped a few people off the face of the earth!).

But God doesn't get frustrated. Every time his people went to far, he sent them an out: prophets telling them to turn back to God, a donkey (just read about Balaam and his donkey troubles!) And the greatest out of all...Jesus!

God is there with an out stretched arm, coaxing us, giving us an out. Its just up to us to see it for what it really is! And most importantly, not forgetting the wonderful things he has done for us. The more stable the path, the easier it is to become confident in our own abilities, forgetting who smoothed that path before us!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Martha, You Didn't Do Right By Me..

(think of the tune to Love, you didn't do right by me from White Christmas)

Martha, you didn't do right by me...
You posted a cake, yellow with chocolate spread on the top.
Martha, you didn't do right by me...
I baked it up right, waited half the night, oh what a flop.

My one chance to impress, didn't turn out the best from the start.
3 sticks of butter, sugar, chocolate and water wasn't smart.
Martha, you didn't do right by me...
as they say in the song,
You Done Me Wrong!

As you can guess, I had issues last night with this cake! Made a yellow cake from Martha Stewart, turned out ok, kind of crumbly. When it came to the looked good at first, butter and sugar perfectly creamed, chocolate melted and yummy, water boiled and cocoa added~ then I mixed them together and ended up with a glaze, not frosting for a layer cake!!! Added a ton more powdered sugar..turned into something more fudge then frosting, but my in laws seemed to like least they said they did....too nice to tell me how awful it was more likely!!!! (or felt to bad after seeing me struggle and grumble Oh Martha! while making it!) As you can kind of see it ended up a greasy chocolaty mess that really didn't want to stay on the cake...UGH!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sippin Instead of Knittin

Amber and I went to the fiber fair in Cedarville. It was ok, nothing to write home about. BUT...just down the road is a new winery! Totally worth the trip! This pic was our attempt at an artsy shot of the vineyard while we were sitting on the deck! Can't wait until everything is green and the sky isn't so cloudy...definitely a cool place to hang out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life on Cardboard

In Jesus' death we find forgiveness.

In his resurrection we find life and hope!

1 Cor 1:30 (Msg) Everything that we have...a clean slate and a fresh start- comes from God by way of Jesus Christ.

This weekend was pretty cool at church....not the usual Easter type services, which was awesome! On Saturday I had volunteered for cardboard testimonies (there is a really cool you tube example of it...not us, but pretty neat). There were about 20 of us who one by one walked out on stage with our before Christ lives and then flipped it over to our after Christ lives.

How do you sum up how knowing God has changed your life in 7 words or less? Life is a journey, I am constantly learning how to rely on God...need to have work in progress tattooed on my forehead, but that's ok!

We also had baptisms at the end of the service. I helped out on Saturday, giving people towels and dry t-shirts. There were over 100 people through out the weekend who were baptized~some in their Easter best, make up streaming down their face, never looking more beautiful! All I can say is that it was an amazing weekend and I am so honored to have been apart of it!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funky Little White Boy!

Corey started dancing during American Idol last the song "Play That Funky Music White Boy". The picture is crap and sideways, but I still laugh my butt off everytime I see it! (he got a little crazy toward the end when he tried to moon us...hence the camera flying to my leg!!!!!)