Thursday, February 21, 2013

Giants, Ramblings, and Just Checking In...

 During Christmas break (aka the Grandparent invasion), we visited this park called the City of Rocks.  It's crazy how new and different everything is for us down here....I find myself connecting with how the Israelites must have felt as they journeyed into their promised land flowing with milk and honey.
 Awe inspiring to say the least...we think of ourselves as this ultimate force, but really we're just a breath...these rock formations have been here practically forever, seen countless generations and fads go by, yet they stay the same....

Jim is gearing up for a work trip, one that could change's scary big....way out of our box..but when you step back, you see that it might just be exactly what God's been preparing him for all along....and maybe our box has been way too small....
 The same God who set these rocks into place, who measured out the waters in the crease of his hand...the one who holds the universe the same one who knew us before we were born and laid out our steps..these very steps, right here and now...for His purpose and His plan.  For such a time as this!
So we are not daunted by impossible odds, sales numbers, and comfort zones...We seek God with our whole heart, His way is the only way...and trust in His timing, in His promises...

At times, we might feel like grasshoppers in the shadow of the giants of this land.  But we have a God who has gone before us, our path is smooth and our footing is sound.  We put all of our trust in the Lord our God because in this world, He is the only sure thing!

If you think about it this next week, some prayers of agreement would be much appreciated.  I hope to be able to disclose more soon....God sure does make a great story out of humble journeys!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Press On

(nope, not talking about fake nails today lol)

It's funny how in my own prayer time and Jim's little devotional that he goes through every morning, we've heard the same messages..uncanny how different verses, but reinforcing the message that God's got this all under control!

During my fasting in January, I read through Daniel (if you haven't, amazing life breathing faith in times of trouble).  After that I went back through Exodus, feeling like we were in the midst of our own desert journey, and God didn't let me down!   Today, I picked it back up and surprise, surprise...just what I needed for today ;)

Israel was on the way to the promised land, but God did not lead them on the shortest route...he took them around the Philistines because he knew that the people would loose heart and turn back.  

So, when the direct path isn't open, Trust..Follow...Remember that God sees the whole picture from beginning to end.  Only he can see what you need to be led around!  

My goal today is to wipe off this funk ' press on and press through.

Philipians 3:14 
But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Fight the good fight!  Take hold of the life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

The devil may be a roaring lion, but I am standing behind the ultimate lion my eye on the prize and I'm not backing down!   I may have been knocked down, but I'm not out!

Putting on my Rocky Face today...Eye of the Tiger all of the way baby!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am always amazed at how funny life works out...and how I keep thinking this is Not what I was expecting!!!

Saturday, we got all dolled up for a launch of a local business...this company is amazing and something that I feel we can really stand behind...perfect fit for Jim's multiple excited...could this be it?!?  

The Thing that we've been praying for?

Maybe...but just not yet.....

Timing..I always get jacked up on timing.

I like answers and plans and dreams turned to reality Now!

God likes perfect and well pieced together, on His time not ours....

It's like instant pudding.

sure, it tastes good and it'll do in a sugar crazed fix....

But nothing compares to the real stuff.  The stand at the stovetop for an hour melting butter, mixing yolks and sugar and milk to combine into this creamy sweet concoction that satisfies you to the soul.

I don't want to settle for instant.  I want the real deal.  I want to wait on his timing and receive the blessing that he has worked into our lives.

God is a loving Father, who gives his children the desires of their hearts.

This morning, I'm wondering how many times I've gotten instant pudding, when all the while God had something delectable in store...slow cooked to perfection, cooled and topped with whip cream?

Quiet time today led me to Job.  Oh Job, how your life speaks to me.  

Who are we to try and control our lives?  Did we form the earth?  Or tell the ocean where to stop?  Can we bring forth dawn or tell the stars where to shine?  

My small finite mind compared to an infinite God...hmmmm...who would I rather have calling the shots?   


I thank you for this day.  I thank you for the struggles and trials that lead me to a deeper relationship with you.  Father, I pray for strength and be resolute in following be focused on you and nothing else!  You spun the earth into being and yet know every hair on my head and have saved every tear.  You are my redeemer, my strong tower, my shepherd who leads me through the valleys to calm waters.  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to not keep me were I was.  I give you my fears and my life is yours to be molded and moved for your purpose alone.  Thank you for lavishing gifts into our lives...and help me have eyes to see them in the midst of darkness.  I lift up anyone who reads these words.  Father, that your grace and comfort would wrap around them, no matter what their struggle.  You are bigger than any mountain we may face. If we would just call upon you and wait for your rescue!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Bit Who-ish

Happened to breeze by this old neglected blog (it's about as pitiful as one of my house plants lol)

I feel a little bit like a Who in Horton Hears a Who....I'm HERE!  I'm Here!  I'm HEEEEERRRREEE!

I've attempted to write countless times, but none of them have seemed right just yet.  This weekend could mean some big things for us, would really appreciate prayers for tomorrow night...God really does have a sense of humor how he works all things out for his children.

Just focusing on Trusting and Believing and realizing that I talk a big faith, but when it comes down to the wire I'm still just a silly, nervous girl. 

I am choosing to stay positive, to speak light into our situations, to glean as much truth from God's word as I possibly can.

Have you every really watched a baby take it's first steps..the clenched fingers wrapped around daddy's?   Maybe we were never supposed to learn to run on our own, but to constantly hold on and be guided by our ever loving Father?   

I've learned so much this past month about depending for everything.  This move has not been at all what I had expected, but then where would the mystery and wonder be in it all if my tiny little brain could wrap around all that the Creator of the Universe has in store for us?!?

Tomorrow..Big Things...I'll be sure to take pictures...and post once we have more news...

Love you all, sorry for being so absent.  One day all will make sense and I'll never believe how far we've really come!!!!!