Wednesday, November 30, 2011

60..well close enough...

Tomorrow will be another ginormous mile stone...60 lbs!  (today I'm just shy of it, but I know it'll be there..tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow....)

November totals:

12 lbs lost

since September, I've lost 3" from my chest, 4" from my waist, 6" from my hips (yes, 6..not a typo!), 3" off each thigh, 2" from each arm, and 1" from my neck....that's a lot of Inches!

November (took it on Sunday because I actually flung on some makeup ;))

Compared to September...

And this picture brings tears to my eyes...2 years ago February...

I still have a long road ahead.   But can I give you some encouragement?  It's just one step at a time, one good choice leads to another good choice...knocking down brick after brick that I had built up.

I'm loving the gym..who knew?!?  I'm not the prettiest workerouter, but I get it done!   In August when I hurt my knee I barely was able to walk a 45 min mile.   I'm proud to say that yesterday I killed it on the elliptical and did it in 12 min!   Jim said that he'd start thinking about working out after I was able to run faster than him...well, better start thinking because I'm closing in on ya!

I haven't been this size in like 10 yrs!  

Looking back, I wonder what in the heck took me so long?!?

Food was my hideout, my comfort, my reward...guess amount of cupcakes or brownies or whatever made any difference in our circumstances...not once, did scarfing down a sweet in a moment of frustration ever make what was so annoying disappear!

I've stopped hiding.   I've picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started living the life that I was made to live!

There is no way that I ever would have the strength to do this on my own...crazy hour long workouts..never...eating clean and portioned..nope....facing life full on...nada..definitely not this girl! 

I am constantly calling on God--Lord help me--I'm giving it all to you---Jesus please give me the strength for just 5 more pushups.   sounds silly, but you know works...Every Time!   

Also, support is crucial.   This journey is so much more than just's about becoming whole, inside and out.   Life will not magically change when that golden scale moment comes...and if you haven't grown on the inside while shrinking on the outside, you're setting yourself up to fail.

My dear friend Krystal...oh what a blessing she is in my life!  God sent her here /kept us here a little longer for a reason.   She's been there and overcame!   Her blog is so full of knowledge.  And, if you're at a point where you just don't know what to do next...seriously, she is the Best Coach!!!  Jillian Shmillian!  This girl knows how to get it done!   (Last week, she stood beside my elliptical and kept cheering me on--Go Baby! Go Baby!)   Without her pushing, I never would have branched off the treadmill---crossfit workouts--sweating, and more sweating--I actually did 15 pullups last week (assisted but still)--Yeah Baby!

so, do me a favor..she has a new blog....go show her some love :)

Grow or Die

and...if you need help getting started, or have hit a wall and just don't know what else to her!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Seriously, where does the time go? 

I feel like I'm not accomplishing Anything, yet every day seems to FLY by!!!

Because Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I'll let you in on a few of my thanks---

* Knocking on the door of 60lbs lost...for real...that's more than my 10 year old!

* Friends and Family who are so supportive...and not just in the shallow cheerleader way...pushing us to grow, keep moving, don't get discouraged!

* Bloggy Friends who, even though they have never me, are just as amazing as my real everyday life friends!!!  (Thank YOU!)

* My kiddos--3 boys can make me feel frazzled, but as I look at them...I can't help but be completely amazed that WE are raising such awesome kids!!!  

* Jim...what is there to say....he is the poster child for Loyal, Hard Working, and Everything a Great Husband Should Be!   He's been working crazy long hours for the last month..practically everyday...Friday marks the end of his project...Can't Wait to have him back home!!! (it's just not the same without him here!)

* Unexplainable..Miraculous...Provisions...God is always Faithful...always Trustworthy...always Dependable.   When the world seems to be shattering, He is Rock, my Salvation, my Everything!

*Health...we are so blessed.   I am thankful for the people that God has placed in our lives that have shown us this path of whole health!  It can be a lonely place and it's nice to have friends on the fringe ;)

* Healing...Riley got a cold a matter of hours from the first cough, the doc told us it was pneumonia!   I have never heard of someone playing and running around one day and struggling to breath the next....scared me big time!!!!  Now today, he is coughing up junk, eating, and wants to go to Grandma's!   I tell you what, the way we eat makes a huge difference---yes, today I'm making him stay low key, but who recovers from no air flow on the rt lung and barely any on the lt lung in a day?!?   A Strong kid that's for sure!!!

* Holiday meals--I've had mixed emotions about all of the celebrations this time of year brings---oh how I love Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!!!   But, I am so very thankful for family who take an interest and concern in what I "can" no, I won't be partaking in loads of stuffing and mashed potatoes and slabs of pumpkin pie with perfect homemade crusts.   I will be enjoying my alternative dishes and a small slice of my healthy version pumpkin pie (recipe coming soon!).

We really are so very truly blessed!!! Every perfect gift comes from God....even those that we don't see as a gift....most of the time the most life changing presents come in less than stellar packages!

May your Thanksgiving festivities be filled with family and friends, and only lots of good things...lots of gratitude and love beyond measure!!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Thursday

Not much going on here lately---food, working out, prepping more food...schooling of course....blah, blah, blah!

Last weekend my cousin had a baby shower.   Her little peanut was born a couple of weeks ago and he's adorable!!!  Made my womb hurt...put that in there just for you Amy!!!  The cheeks on that little guy were amazing :)  I'd be doing nothing but kiss on him all day long.....

I found this pattern on pinterest a couple days before the shower....hadn't picked up yarn in ages and ended up having to get up at 5 am to finish this guy in time for the party....but I think he was a success!   The pattern was easy to understand and googling "magic loop" for crochet in the round was life changing...
Lets see, other than that and a crazy fun week night trip to Madison to hit up Trader Joe's and Whole Foods...not much else going on....

Oh, we got mail today!!!!!  Jamie was So excited bringing in this box marked Hawaii (thank you Miss Laura!)

What a treat on this dreary pre-winter day!   This coloring book about kills me with cuteness....I almost wanted to save it for later for Me to color!!!!!  I mean seriously---it's just adorable, retro-y goodness!!!!!
I'll keep talking while you oogle some of the cutest pages!

I've almost been at the gym for a month now.....4 days a week....sweating like a mad woman....believe me, there's nothing pretty about working out!  (well, unless you're a cardio queen who runs her mile in a perfect outfit without sweating a drop)
So far, results have been ehhhh....not much progress scale-wise, but I have lost 6 inches here and there.   I know that is good, but grrr....a little drop in the numbers would sure be a nice confidence booster!
I have been driving Jim crazy (as usual!)....every time I find a new muscle "line" I have to show him...don't's all been arms and clavicles so far ;)   Seriously though, once I get rid of this fluffy layer I might be pretty ripped!
And on that note....hula girls ;)   I'm thinking I might have to start saving up and give myself a trip to the islands as a goal.....
I mean, how awesome would it be to swim with a friendly lei clad dolphin?  

Have a great Thursday...almost there to the weekend!   Stay warm if your one of the lucky ones in the frozen tundra here where the flakes are flying, but thankfully nothing's sticking!  (and if you're warm and sunny where ever you are...I don't want to hear it...just kidding...I'll wait to be snarky until January!)