Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So much to do, so little time....mountains of laundry waiting to be folded, dishes crying out to be done...but what am I doing.....everything but!

Yesterday we decided to make cookies. These are Brown Sugar Buttons with chocolate chips as the button holes.
A couple of weeks ago, I finished my side lines sweater. I like it except for the arms keep wanting to roll. I am thinking of sewing the ends together on the "vents" to make a thumb hole. Jim had a shirt with these built in and I loved it! We'll have to see if it works out like I want it to. The yarn, which is cool in person, is a pain the butt to photograph..so this is all ya get :)
I've also been working on a quick cardigan for a gift. It's the shalom cardigan, the pattern is on Ravelry for those who go there. What a nice fast project. I had one of my mom's neighbors try it on for size the other night. I think I need to add a couple of inches of length to the body and I still have to add sleeves, but I'm planning on calling it done by the weekend!
Today is a cold dreary day so all I really want to do is make a batch of french onion soup and hopefully a good loaf of bread! (oh yeah, and I'm also making mittens and toying with the idea of creating a fire truck and ambulance amigurumi for our neighbor's who just welcomed in a new baby boy.. it would be too easy having just ONE project to do!)

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