Thursday, December 25, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Well, Christmas is half over....we had our usual present opening at our house this morning and now we are off to my parents for the rest of the day....just what we need: MORE FOOD!!!

Earlier I had looked at a How to drum kit for Jamie. The next day, my mom's music teacher mentioned she was trying to get rid of her son's drum set. He is in the military and she is moving into a condo. They gave us this awesome drum set for FREE! All I can say is that I hope God blesses them back for what they have done for us!

(if anyone knows a good way to set up a drum set...please let me know....half of the drums' stands have this metal points on the end, I'm sure so that they don't move, but I have wood floors...not a good idea...hence the wonky half of a setup we've got going on!)

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