Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Crying Game

I feel like as of late, all of my posts start with some form of wow...so why switch it?


what a day!

Grey drippy skies, red drippy eyes (and no, I don't have a sinus issue)

I feel like I'm on a bigger emotional roller coaster than my preteen....gak!   I'm not an outward crier (I know that some of you who know me personally think that's a load of bull...but you're special and get to see the sloppy, loud tears).

Today is a beaten down, sob fest of a day.   

Am I manic? eh, who knows ;)   I'll blame a piece of it on my diet and my body changing to a normal rhythm....but most of it, I'm squarely pointing my finger at that sneaky clump of dirt Devil!   See, so  there...I see through it...why don't ya just go take a flying leap back into that old lake of fire!

I'm refusing to fall for it.   I know who I am---a daughter of the king!  I know that Jesus sits up in heaven on his throne and everything else is underneath him..that means you, Satan.  

Through the Holy Spirit, the same Great Power that raised my Jesus from the dead, lives in me!

I can do Anything In Christ Jesus who strenthens me!

God has traveled this path before me...and even when I don't feel it, when I am weak and down trodden..He is there, holding me up, helping me, giving me just enough make it through this day.

And one day, when I look back on it all...I'm not even going to think of you and your schemes Devil, because All That I Will See Is The Glorious Way My Savior Came Through For Me!

So, with that...I'll leave you with a line from my new favorite song, Breakout by Jake Hamilton...To hell with the Devil, heaven's all I see.  Got no time for distractions when I'm living in glory....


Jennifer Juniper said...

What a way to turn the day around :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amen! It's SO HARD sometimes to turn off the funk, but God has promised us so much joy, we just need to remember to REST THERE IN IT! Great reminder!

Pressed Petals said...

"nor give place to the devil" (i forget what scripture that is.) heaven will be so worth it all!