Friday, July 13, 2012

Young Eagles Take Flight

I promise to give you an update on all of my silent time.  But until I get my words straight, this little picture show will have to do ;)

These too little cuties were offered a flight with the Young Eagles.  Riley was raring to go...Corey was super nervous...
Jamie had done this a few years ago..looking back at Rick's photo album it was '07 (Wow, has he changed!)   There was an open seat in the plane so Jamie got to tag along too.

Here they are going through the preflight check list.  I learned a ton of new stuff!  (like stalling wasn't the engine shutting off, it's when the wings are at an angle where there is not enough air flowing over them to keep it up...who knew?!?)
Away they go!
Bye Mom!
Rick flew them over our house and made a big swing out past Jim's parents' place.  All night I heard nothing but arguing over how "big" certain buildings around town were...Riley would hold his thumb and finger near each other and say it was only this big...Jamie would argue that it was smaller or bigger, get annoyed and say "well,  maybe from you point of view.."

Some how or another, this guy found us ;)  Made my day!  He was on his way to a job a few towns over and decided to swing by and see the boys off!   He's been putting in crazy hours again so I'll take whatever minutes with him that I can get!!!
Before we knew it, they were back...
Exiting like total Rock Stars!

I foresee flight lessons in their distant future (they better get some good after school jobs, that's all I can say!).

After pictures, the boys helped Rick push the plane back into his hanger...can't be all play and no work!
All decked out with pins and certificates....they were pretty stoked by the whole thing!
If you have this available in your area, I would definitely recommend it!!!!  They learned so much and it only fueled their obsession with airplanes!

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Pressed Petals said...

flying and boys. they just seem to go together. out son had a spell when he was all into flying. we have a friend who took him often, even let him fly! i also wanted to come and say thanks for you comment on my latest blog post. i am going to write/copy all of the comments out so i can remember, and this one for sure! thanks for the timely words.