Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's All Gonna Be Ok

 I've been hanging on by a thread this week...and this song seems to be the one thing that keeps me from free falling.

If your eye is on the sparrow then your heart is on me...

Had a panic attack today in the car.  Just a little over whelmed.  Not like crazy, call the whambulance and send her to the padded room.  Just Tired. Things are moving ahead, great things that are such a dream, but scary as crap when they're looming in the near future!

Decided that if my heart was going to race out of control, then I might as well be doing something that would actually benefit me...pit stop at the gym, my key fob was dusty..bad gym goer, bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, this song was on repeat for the hour I was there...running, praising, releasing...

It's all gonna be ok, It's all gonna be ok...over and over and over...

Because God takes care of the sparrow, so how much more will he take care of me?

It's all gonna be ok, Shelly.

Then I went to my little stretching `corner and plopped my foot up on a stool so that my hamstring wouldn't kill me later, only to find a single little feather...

See...It's all gonna be ok, Shelly.

Gotta love it when your Daddy sends you little love notes ;)

If you're looking for some great workout/warrior prayer/praise music, Jake Hamilton puts out some absolutely anointed stuff!!!  It's pretty rare that he's not playing somewhere in our house....and man, in concert..let's just say there's no way not to be swept away in the spirit!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Isn't music a powerful thing? Glad you used the time to worship and recalibrate yourself!