Saturday, September 27, 2008

Midnight Insight

So, yesterday was all in all a pretty good day. We did our normal Friday errands, ended up needing to go to the big metropolis to pay the mortgage..soooo...decided to have a fun field trip day. Met my sister and her hub for lunch (with ice cream, mind you) and then ventured over to this awesomely huge indoor play land for the boys to run off some energy. After that, we stopped at Grandma's, picked up supper at McD's, and went home....

Where ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so upset that here I had spent pretty much all day giving the boys the "perfect" day and this was how I was getting repaid?!? J and Riley were arguing so I sent them upstairs. On the way up, J stabbed Riley on the butt cheek with a pencil (the eraser end, but still!). I lost it! Sent all of them to bed at 7:30...spent the next 2 hours yelling at them to get back in bed and was about ready to cry myself to sleep!

Later that night, with my mind still reeling over the days events, I got this insight:

They weren't intentionally trying to ruin my night. In fact, their behavior had nothing to do with the days events. I know that boys don't think "hmm, if I do this, I'll get into trouble" they just do it....but last night was just my breaking point. What do I need to do to get through to these kids!?!

It's simple stuff really: "We don't choke our brothers" "You can't throw rotten apples from the neighbors tree at each other" "Leave the neighborhood's ferrel cats alone" "BE NICE" "OBEY"

...the list feels like it goes on and on! I hate always riding them about what feels like everything, but then if I don't what kind of spoiled brats will they turn into...ARGHHH!

This weekend our church is starting a new series: Parenting: wii need help........funny, couldn't have come at a better time!

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