Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahh..January in the Midwest

This picture of Max pretty much sums up the start of my new year! Frazzled...yes! Tired...yes! Ready for Summer....YES!!!

This week, we had high temps in the 25's...-25 that is! Gross!!!! Snow was so novel in after feet of it, I'm ready to see green..I'm ready to ditch the coat and gloves and take a walk without my nostrils freezing together!

With all of us cooped up I can say that I've gotten back to knitting and schooling is back to full speed! (can't wait for summer vacation on that too!....or at least a vacation for mommy!) Last weekend I made my first beret. It's growing on me...the colors are pretty bright, but it makes me think of warm tropics so I'll play mind over matter as I wait for my car to heat up. I am still waiting for the new glasses to come in so you'll have to be satisfied with this shot!

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