Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Unconditional is a word that we just can't seem to wrap our brains around. Everything seems to have strings or motives, even if it's not in a bad way.

I was reading Psalm 106 the other night. It tells about Israel rebelling against God, getting in trouble, and then God steps in and saves them time after time:

(7-13) Israel gave no thought to God's miracles while Egypt, they forgot his many kindnesses. They rebelled, yet he saved them...Then they praised his name and believed his promises.

BUT, they soon forgot.

They whined and complained again and again, but God still kept saving them. I guess I've always assumed God shows great restraint when dealing with us (if it where me, I surely would have zapped a few people off the face of the earth!).

But God doesn't get frustrated. Every time his people went to far, he sent them an out: prophets telling them to turn back to God, a donkey (just read about Balaam and his donkey troubles!) And the greatest out of all...Jesus!

God is there with an out stretched arm, coaxing us, giving us an out. Its just up to us to see it for what it really is! And most importantly, not forgetting the wonderful things he has done for us. The more stable the path, the easier it is to become confident in our own abilities, forgetting who smoothed that path before us!

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