Monday, April 20, 2009

Martha, You Didn't Do Right By Me..

(think of the tune to Love, you didn't do right by me from White Christmas)

Martha, you didn't do right by me...
You posted a cake, yellow with chocolate spread on the top.
Martha, you didn't do right by me...
I baked it up right, waited half the night, oh what a flop.

My one chance to impress, didn't turn out the best from the start.
3 sticks of butter, sugar, chocolate and water wasn't smart.
Martha, you didn't do right by me...
as they say in the song,
You Done Me Wrong!

As you can guess, I had issues last night with this cake! Made a yellow cake from Martha Stewart, turned out ok, kind of crumbly. When it came to the looked good at first, butter and sugar perfectly creamed, chocolate melted and yummy, water boiled and cocoa added~ then I mixed them together and ended up with a glaze, not frosting for a layer cake!!! Added a ton more powdered sugar..turned into something more fudge then frosting, but my in laws seemed to like least they said they did....too nice to tell me how awful it was more likely!!!! (or felt to bad after seeing me struggle and grumble Oh Martha! while making it!) As you can kind of see it ended up a greasy chocolaty mess that really didn't want to stay on the cake...UGH!

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Nancy said...

nice lyrics, Shelly:)
I have been OF the blogs for so long- I just had to stop by and see what you were up to...