Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just in case some of you haven't heard---Northern Il got a smidge of snow the other day ;)

ugh...sick of hearing about Snowmagedon '11, or whatever other whitty name they've given this!

So in order to offset all of the blah blah blah, cars stuck in ditches, snow plows stuck in ditches, ambulances unable to get through, I'm going to post some happy blizzard pictures!

I LOVE this set of pics--Corey and Jamie were trying to "sled" down a drift, except their sleds stuck right into the drift tossing the both of them off>>>>

Yes, that's Jamie doing a face plant....I laughed...mercy is not my strongest spiritual gift!

Oh, the horror....what a terrible wipe out....

Riley was moving along on top of this drift when suddenly he just sunk!

MOM-Help! (sorry baby, mommy ran outside to snap your picture wearing capri yoga pants, ankle socks and're on your own precious!)

He was determined to "measure" this pile---with a nerf sword---jumping into it using a mini trampoline>>>>

Don't they look like they just crested Mt. Everest!

Thankfully we hunkered down and waited out the main part of the storm...and I have to admit, at midnight I freaked out a bit when I realized that I couldn't see the building across the street because of the blowing snow! I did brave the elements after Jim called and told me to check the furnace exhaust pipe thingies....nothing like the threat of no heat or carbon monoxide poisoning to motivate a girl to high tail it out in the storm (I smashed down the drift near it and ran back into the house like nobodies business!)


gottaluvboyz said...

Great set of photos...looks like they had fun! FYI, I was snappin' pics in shorts from the door. I feel ya;0

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That tall snow can be really dangerous. I wonder how many people will need gutters and fences repaired this spring!