Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Fool or Not To Fool

Nothing like waiting until the last minute...tomorrow's April Fool's Day...

The boys are really into it this year...what to do, what to do?!?

Do you practice the day of pranking? Any good ideas?

I've got a couple, one in particular makes me die laughing...but would be soooo mean to my sweet little innocent (chocking now) dears! We saw a funniest video with guys eating caramel apples, except they weren't apples...onion..a big ol' bite of caramel covered onion!!!

Can you imagine?!?

My mom says it'd be hilarious, but I'd have to be on the look out for pay backs!

A few years ago, the boys taped my dad's crutches together...imagine the surprise of my one legged father wobbly reaching for his crutches only to find them stuck tight! Jamie also popped the bottoms out of a few of those paper bathroom cups..classic...and neither of these were actually done on April 1st...we're just a mean family ;)

So, do you hide for the day? Or do you pull out all the stops? Any fun ideas?

I'll be back tomorrow with some picks of what we decide to do!


Michelle said...

I just try to stay out of people's (like you!) way and avoid being the victim! Have a wonderful April fool's and weekend! Michelle

gottaluvboyz said...

DH and I have been talking about trying to pull something over on the older two boys. Have fun tomorrow!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I was just scratching my head to think of pranks, too!