Saturday, April 2, 2011

Foolin Around

Thursday night I was up late, waiting for my little lovelies to fall fast fast asleep.....

When they woke up in the morning, they realized that they were covered in spots!   Did you hear about the skittles recall?  Yep, too much dye put in the candy was making kids break out in rainbow pox...only cure.....Vegetable Shakes

Mr. Corey was not

(I think poor Riley was allergic to the markers...poor guy sneezed and sneezed and sneezed!)

And then there is Senior Grumpy Pants!  (takes after his Dad...except for his wonderful ability to prank!...he gets that from his momma!)

(please excuse the horrible state of my sink!!!!!!!....but I love ya enough to show you the real deal!)   I found this little trap right away, but I'm a good actress so I acted completely surprised by the ever growing baggie attatched to the sink!

Earlier Jamie really did it good when he stuck a fake mustache to my phone....I blindly grabbed it, and immediately threw it down when I realized it was hairy!  (oh the laughter at getting mom)

So, my little pranky dears went downstairs and I got ready to take them to the Dr. to get rid of those darn cute spots.....and decided to put on the above mentioned mustache!  HILARIOUS!   They were rolling on the floor....

....Jim....not so much.   Poor baby was up all night saving lives, getting thrown up on and other lovely things.   He was seriously annoyed when I kept the mustache on as I walked out of the house...

..and drove down the major highway....

...and started walking into McD's (oh, dr.  just McD's)

....he grabbed my arm and said "You're seriously NOT wearing that in there Shelly".   (and he stayed put in the car ;)  until..I winked, wiggled my new found stache and said APRIL Fools!

The boys walked into McD's and asked for their veggie shakes....the poor cashier....she was soooo not into our little prank on the boys.   Nope, they don't sell vegetable shakes.  I guess pancakes would have to do....     The manager happens to be the mom of some boys that we went to school with...she thought it was great!  (and gave the boys little bags of cookies!)

Later on that night, Jamie came inside from playing with a fist full of daffodils.   "MOM!  Look at what we found in Jake's yard!!!"   Now, my neighbor has a garden that rivals none other...major BHG going on.   When I saw his hand full of posies, I about died!   "YOU Did NOT!"   Ahahahahahahaaaaa..and he threw the fake plastic flowers at me....which I promptly grabbed, swatting them on his little behind as I chased him through the house!

And now the Piece De Resistance!
while I was waiting for the boys to fall asleep the night before, I whipped up a batch of pb cup eggs....and dipped them in chocolate.   Notice the 4 lighter colored eggs?   Yep butter!   I forgot to take a pic of the finished product, but we all know what peanut butter eggs look like ;)   

Jim was still kind of crabby...and I had about had it when I remembered these little dears in the freezer!   "Darling would you like a peanut butter egg?"   Oh SURE!   "Let me get them for you, O love of my life!" bite was all it took...all 3 boys had the same reaction too!

It was that slack jawed yuck face....trying sooooo hard to figure out What was in their mouth!   

They did get the real ones to was it down...but I've never laughed so hard in my life!

(I had to save one trick for next year...and boy, it's a good one....just as long as I remember!)


Debbie said...

I'm staying away from you guys on April 1st! I never even remember to do anything!

Pokey said...

This is pretty funny...but I wouldn't want to be you next year, mom! My honey says,"Just remember, I'll get you back bigger and better...."

Mom on the Verge said...

I'm with Debbie -- I'm staying far, far away. I used to wear a sign on April 1 that said, "Warning: I have no sense of humor." Tragically, that's true. ;)

Michelle said...

Oh, you are naughty!!! Glad you had fun! Just ignore all those grumpies!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You slay me! That's so funny!