Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good at Failing

This week I started a new challenge of sorts....I really liked body rocking, but this seems like a more complete package.  (well that and my fellow crunchy/fringe/gym rat Krystal was starting it's always so much more fun having someone to hold your hand through it all!)

Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 Week Trainer

There's meals and workouts in stages to really boost your far so good...well, I'm on day 3, but you know ;)

Yesterday was killer in the gym.  I'm talking hanging in the back with the big guns--this is some serious shtuff here--intimidating as heck.   

No cardio for 4 weeks, clean eating and weights...I'd kill for some time on the ellip right now!!!!  It's so easy and mindless.  Just plug in your ear buds and watch a movie while you sweat up a storm.   

Lifting weights is totally different.  There's form and balance and what weight do you want to push yourself with....    Yesterday I had the honor of having Krystal in the gym with me to seriously kick my behind (and my arms and my back..).   Day 1 was good, I whipped through my workout and thought "What's the big deal".  Yeah, I was doing it all wrong!   Resting between each rep, pushing yourself to the impossible to move that bar one more time.   

Pushing to Fail

Sounds horrible doesn't it?   But in all reality, that's what makes you stronger.  If you were only using weights that you could handle, you might as well be lifting soup cans (thanks for that Krystal).   

That got me thinking.   Life's kind of like that too.   If we only did what we knew we could handle, where would any growth happen?  We'd be comfy. (and probably living in yoga pants with a coffee stain on the leg....ok, that's me this morning, but you know)   If we push ourselves to the point of failing, where we have Nothing left to give, God takes over.  

Less self, more Spirit.

Sure, there's pain...believe me...there's pain (like can hardly hold my coffee cup..hence stain on my pant leg lol).   But after the discomfort of working the muscles you haven't used for awhile, there's reward!  There's the smokin' hot bod or an adventure or just living outside yourself.   

We Are Made To Push Ourselves To Failure.   

And it's not a bad thing!  

In fact, the most tragic thing that I can think of would be a life not inspired to pour themselves out.

We all know the verses telling us that God's power is made perfect in our weakness, that when we are weak then we truly are strong.   Maybe there's something more to this isn't in the bible just to give hope to those who are struggling, to blow a little sunshine and rainbows into their misery.  But through our struggle, we are made strong---strong enough to add more weights next time, to push a little harder, to be bold and live the life God created us for....


Ok, that was my deep thought for the day.  Now I'm off to eat and lift ;)


gottaluvboyz said...

Love this post!!! Good luck to you:) I know you can do it:)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've been thinking about you as I've pushed it harder cardio-wise here. It think, if Shelly can do it, so can I!