Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey There!

We were super crazy busy last week...Jim's Grandma passed away and we had family come in from just about everywhere!

The passing was unexpected, but it was good to see all of the cousins that we haven't seen in years...some that we've never met!  I think that hands down, Georgia has the nicest accent ;)

Pretty much every day and night was spent with family--the boys got to catch a glimpse of where they came from---and---I got to hold lots of babies (Oh Dear Lord, be still my ovaries...these squishy cooing babies are gonna be the death of me!)

It's been good and stressful and sad all wrapped up in one.

A friend gave me a book yesterday...I have so much to digest on this one.   It really opened up some deep wounds, but seems to be helping God bring a deeper healing.

Jim knew that I was struggling a bit today.  Kind of feeling beat down.

He walked into the kitchen while I was making dinner and turned the stereo to this song....

I tell you what...


and I mean Nothing, makes my heart melt slow dancing in the kitchen with my hubby whispering these lyrics in my ear.


ok, enough mush....really, I am not a mushy gooshy girl, but I'm embracing it today ;)

Just started Week 3 of lifting with was Leg moves were added today and I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a sore day!!!!!  (what's with kettle bells and why do the hurt So Much?!?)

Hope your Monday was great and that your week is even better!!!


Michelle said...

Sending hugs sweetie.

Lori said...

Hang in there girlfriend! Focus on God, your hubs and your boys(in that order :) ) and all will align again. I promise! It was nice catching up at Culvers the other night. Sorry you're food got cold tho. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can only say I'm glad you're getting some goodness mixed in to offset the bad.