Monday, March 19, 2012

A Wellness Check

People go to the doctor for check ups all of the time...but how often do we take time to step back and take stock of our spiritual self?

Sooooo, how are you doing?   (I'm not really expecting an answer here....just ask are you doing?)

Is your heart healthy?

How's your relationships?

When was the last time you had a little chitchat with the Big Guy Upstairs? (and no, I'm not really talking about your husband sitting in front of the tv watching the game)

This last month has been periods of elation, , sunshine and rainbows, devastation, and heart wrenching growth.

Why does it hurt so much to grow?!?  As I type this Corey is snuggled into me, too hurt to play with his brothers outside due to growing pains.  Growing Pains....we never seem to outgrow them do we?

I've been going through this women's study at our church...Stuck...I've renamed it Suck, but you a good closet cleaning way.   

Here's the little trailer for it...It made me cry when my friend posted it on facebook so I knew that I had to jump in...

And then, as if that weren't enough punishment....a friend gave me the book Satan's Dirty Little Secret.   Definitely NOT a feel good, warm and fuzzy read.  Ripped me wide open, but did it ever get at some major root issues.

The book and the Bible study seemed to be a 1-2 Punch to my heart.   The book delves into the fact that insecurity and inferiority are the roots of practically every attack the devil throws our way.

Insecurity and Inferiority....those are 2 very dirty words in my book....hard, deep-rooted weeds that tendril through my heart and leach out poison onto every good thing God puts in my path.   Pulling them out is a lot like getting rid of dandelions, digging deep to get the whole root.   

It's not easy work, but it is wonderful to see now how God is pruning and preparing my ground for new things.   Some are going to be really hard battles...some people aren't going to like or agree with....some hurt like crazy and feel like defeat.   On the flip side, I can say that I feel God's presence so much more:  the joy and peace in times when we should be losing our minds, the closeness in our marriage when most people would be fighting like cats and dogs, and most of all..the protection when satan tries to devour, God has it all under control and is working it for our good.

Today, part of my study was on Romans 8:18-39....God doesn't want us to be stuck where we're at...He wants us to find Hope and Victory over this life and it's momentary troubles.   God sent his Son as a sacrifice for our sins, what else wouldn't he do for us?

Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ a world of superficial, 5 min romances it is so hard to wrap my head around the depth of God's love for us.  Full and complete love, not depending on what I can do for Him...the fact that He loved me at my worst the same as at my best, it just blows my mind.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I also walk around believing the devil's lies--I need to grab that book from the sound of it!

Kim said...

The book was worth the download. Thanks sis for suggesting it. Painful stuff, but worth it in the long run!