Monday, May 21, 2012

12...How Did This Happen?!?

Somehow in the midst of all this chaos that surrounds us, We had a Birthday this weekend...12....yes....1..2...12!

It seems like yesterday when we were so very young ourselves, bringing home this tiny peanut of a baby.    

I woke up Sunday morning to the realization that we'll still be experiencing plenty of firsts in this journey, but now we're seeing more lasts.   This year Jamie didn't want a "kid" cake.   Instead, he was very specific that he wanted an adult cake...well, as adult as a 6 layer s'more cake can get ;)   Hugs from mom, well...they're sooooo out.  Not gonna do it!  His birthday want list changed this year too.  Gone were the toys and shorts, swiss army knife, and going to see the Avengers were the bomb (but, the brothers got him a pretty sweet rc 4 wheeler that has been getting a Ton of his time today).

I'm excited to see what this year will bring.   Even with us as parents, he still manages to be a pretty great kid!   I need to remember to soak in these moments because the time is only going to slip away faster the older they get!!!!   Gone are the days of snuggling babies, here to stay are deep talks and developing thoughts of his own...molding into the man he will become.   

Anyway, enough mama rambling, I could go on all night!

Happiest of Birthdays Jamie....enjoy this last year before the teens....stride forward, but remember to not wish away your youth (have fun!  don't worry about life's problems!  smile!!!!  laugh!  be a goofball every once in awhile!)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! One more year until TEENAGER!!!