Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now the Gloves Are Off

By now, you all know my munchkins.....the only other people on this planet (other than Jim) who can make me soooo insane, yet so totally in love with them!

Life in this house lately has been less than stellar, we've been going through some major adult junk....yet through it all, we've prayed and trusted God for the answers...and when the ones we thought we wanted didn't come, we just kept our eyes focused on Him and kept right on walking until we got to the next step.   It's really been freeing, not trying to figure everything out..not worrying (well, ok..trying not to worry).  God's got this all under control and we are good with that.

So for the most part, these issues have been Jim and I's battles.....but now we've seemed to have passed our tests and now the focus is on our kids.   

The day before we were leaving for Alabama, Riley came down with a cough that worsened through out the majorly worse...a quick trip to the doctor told us that my baby had pneumonia!  (seriously, runny nose in the morning then pneumonia in the evening!!!!)  Thankfully, a zpack, some steroids, and an inhaler cured him up in a couple of days.  Check..hurdle passed...

Then Tuesday, Corey started complaining about his neck hurting.  After poopooing him all day, I finally looked at what was hurting him....a lump the size of a pea on his collar bone.  Ehhh, probably a lymph node, but I wasn't too worried...probably just him coming down with something (and the fact that the kid is skin and bones doesn't help with padding bumps and vessels).  Fast forward to Wednesday morning...neck still hurts, Jim takes a look when he gets off shift to find the bump was now the size of the tip of his thumb...  Another doctor call.  Lump is definitely lymph, definitely concerning because of it's odd location.   Lots of blood work done (thank you Jesus that labs came back normal...I don't think I breathed or my heart beat for the 4 hrs it took to get the results!!!!!).  We still have a surgical consult next Tuesday because of it still being abnormal.   Praying, stressing, breathing, and trusting in the fact that God is in control....   Check..still trusting, halfway through this hurdle...

Today I was bound and determined to get a workout'd been a week..and every day that I've tried, something has happened!   Started corralling the kids to the truck this afternoon.  Jamie mentioned in the garage that his eye hurt.   Because today was crazy windy, I just figured that he got some dust in it while playing outside after lunch.  Nope.   Pink Eye.  Like, the worst case I have ever seen!!!  His poor little eyes are almost completely swollen shut..he's miserable!  Thankfully, I only had to call the doc to get a script for him.  Check..stumbling, but not going to break..gonna clear this hurdle too.

Here's where I get mad...the gloves come off and this mama bear starts coming out ready to rumble!   (not to get to crazy religious on y'all, but there is a battle that wages around us and man are we feeling it!)   I totally understand Jim and I getting smacked around....we've got some major things coming up...major, trust in God and take the leap into an extraordinary life.   But the boys, they have nothing to do with these decisions....they're just collateral damage, or hostages to divert our eyes from the prize.

So, enough's enough.  I'm breaking out some major warrior prayers...instead of getting knocked down, I'm digging in my heals and relying on God's strength to get us through.   

God is Good no matter what we go through...and that will never change!

And..the devil is just a punk (and That will never change!)  

My focus is on the positives of this all....through every hurdle our faith gets strengthened and we can more clearly see His hand protecting, providing, and guiding.  

Makes me think of that old song...I get knocked down, but I get up're never gonna keep me down...   


Michelle said...

I love your faith. You are an inspiration. All will work out and be well.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh what a whammy--all in a row like that. But yes, this is the stuff that God uses for his glory!