Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peace Out


Peace that surpasses all understanding....aka...crazy peace...

Peace has not been the word of the day at our house lately. 

The whole housing deal--I am not an anxious person, but so much rides on this decision...

Where are we called?

To whom are we called to?

Is it possible to serve this amazing purpose and not destroy our kids in the process?

Do we shoot for the ubber neighborhoods?  We really don't fit that model...

Reclamation district?  Urban renewal...sure, it would be cool...but do we fit there either?

I have looked at so many houses....some were quite promising...but none gave me peace.

During my prayer time last week I read about Jesus sending out his disciples.  He told them that when they stopped at a house, let your peace come upon it.  (The Amplified version described it as Freedom from Distress)   If your peace returns to you then move on to the next house.

Imagine it like a peace sonar.   Pinging peace as you go---if it returns, you're not free from distress...move on.




Friday night I was up until 4 a.m. researching a neighborhood.   4 a.m.   Peace?  Duh, go to bed Shelly.

It is really nerve wracking searching for a home so far away.   

(suck it up buttercup, people do it all the time...in far worse situations!)

Saturday, our friends emailed about a house they saw listed locally.  Called and talked to the owner.  


Our friends drove by and took pictures.


The neighborhood is not "trendy", it's good....steady....evidence of kids in neighboring houses.  Sunday our friends went through the house with the landlord.


My perfect ideal number of bedrooms, plus more.


God is good.  So we sign on to rent a house that we've never stepped foot in.


No panic, no searching crime rates/ school ratings/ google maps-ing the area.


Peace that goes beyond the logical.

We are going to be ok.   God does have a plan and he will take care of our needs--He knows the desires of our hearts.  We just have to wait and trust. He is a Good Daddy, one who delights in taking care of his children!


It is not up to us.  It is not about us.  It is all about HIM!


(and now that I am all peaced out, I reeeeeealllllly need to go pack up some more stuff!)


Jules said...

Yeah! Glad for the dropped in your lap house of peace!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hope it falls together for you.
In my view, the best neighborhoods have a mix of old and young people, families in all stages of life. That said I pray yours has that lovely mix.