Monday, November 12, 2012

It's the Final Countdown!

A Quick Recap:
-Riley turned 9, Capt. America Bday, Amazing Cake (which I have yet to download pics off my camera for..bummer)

-Anniversary, 14 spent the weekend with gparents and we packed and cleaned and tossed out worthless stuff.

-Halloween, kids were whatever they could find in their mom made Corey's dream party come true..candy candy candy...again pics still on my camera...or not, I can't remember!

-Found a house!!!!  Yay!






-Jim finally put plywood into the hutch that I painted uh 5 million years ago so that our clothes wouldn't fall out during the move!


-Something dead and horrible under mudroom freezer (thank you big strong hubby for taking care of that this morning)


-Pinterest cleaning wins!!!!  almost asphyxiated myself, but the shower is Amazing!  Vinegar and Dawn who knew?  Cleaned the washer before we sold it...Disgusting City!  How does something that is supposed to clean our clothes get so nasty?!?  I run bleach cycles all of the time...but this was super fantastic brand spankin new clean!  1qt bleach in a hot cycle, let sit for 1 hr and then run through longest setting.  1qt vinegar, hot cycle, let sit for 1 hr and then run through longest setting.  While the vinegar is sitting, dip cloth into the basin and clean off all the grime around the lid and all up in the washers business (aka, the little tucked up region where the thingamabob spins....aka..pit of hell, nasty catcher)

-The clock is ticking and I need to shut down the computer and pack some boxes...Trailer is getting loaded on Thursday...

-hope to leave bright and early on Saturday and make it to the new house by Monday....I'll be sure to post once we get internet (or maybe I'll just sneak over to our neighborhood Starbucks..yep, Neighborhood Starbucks!!!  God is so Good!)


alamama said...

are you coming my way???

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Wait a minute--a Captain America cake AND a neighborhood Starbucks? God IS good in your world!

Michelle said...

Drive safe and be safe.