Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Here...I'm Here!

What a wild and crazy trip this has been!!!!

We've made internet, computer issues, and absolutely no time to do things other than clean, unpack, and clean!

Arrived the day before Thanksgiving.  Full trailer to unpack, no table, no chairs, no beds....very thankful for walmart close by lol.

We were so blessed by a friend that I had met on facebook whose family brought us a full blown Thanksgiving humbled and overwhelmed how people could reach out like that to total strangers!!!!!

It didn't take us long to make a trip to "our" mountains.....
I don't know that this flatlander will ever get used to this sight!   Just amazing!!!!
3 mile hike didn't faze this guy at all!

Number 2 on the other hand is not really an outdoors man ;)  Jim carried him the last 1/4 mile...up the mountain!  We begged and bribed...milkshakes, batteries for the wii, anything to get this kid up there.  Once we turned back from the springs and it was all down hill, he took off like a shot!   (1.5 hrs up, 20 min to get back down lol)
This looks like a tiny hill, but trust's not ;)   So proud of them for making it up and back on their first mountain adventure!
I'll try to be more diligent at sneaking away to starbucks until we can get the whole internet deal figured out!


alamama alamama said...

you're here!! okay email me and we can get together. this month is crazy, but maybe i can squeeze it in. hubby and i just hiked those mtns. not easy.

Michelle said...

Good to hear from you, and see what is going on. Bless you, Shelly. Have a great December!