Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Bit Who-ish

Happened to breeze by this old neglected blog (it's about as pitiful as one of my house plants lol)

I feel a little bit like a Who in Horton Hears a Who....I'm HERE!  I'm Here!  I'm HEEEEERRRREEE!

I've attempted to write countless times, but none of them have seemed right just yet.  This weekend could mean some big things for us, would really appreciate prayers for tomorrow night...God really does have a sense of humor how he works all things out for his children.

Just focusing on Trusting and Believing and realizing that I talk a big faith, but when it comes down to the wire I'm still just a silly, nervous girl. 

I am choosing to stay positive, to speak light into our situations, to glean as much truth from God's word as I possibly can.

Have you every really watched a baby take it's first steps..the clenched fingers wrapped around daddy's?   Maybe we were never supposed to learn to run on our own, but to constantly hold on and be guided by our ever loving Father?   

I've learned so much this past month about depending for everything.  This move has not been at all what I had expected, but then where would the mystery and wonder be in it all if my tiny little brain could wrap around all that the Creator of the Universe has in store for us?!?

Tomorrow..Big Things...I'll be sure to take pictures...and post once we have more news...

Love you all, sorry for being so absent.  One day all will make sense and I'll never believe how far we've really come!!!!!

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