Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am always amazed at how funny life works out...and how I keep thinking this is Not what I was expecting!!!

Saturday, we got all dolled up for a launch of a local business...this company is amazing and something that I feel we can really stand behind...perfect fit for Jim's multiple experiences....so excited...could this be it?!?  

The Thing that we've been praying for?

Maybe...but just not yet.....

Timing..I always get jacked up on timing.

I like answers and plans and dreams turned to reality Now!

God likes perfect and well pieced together, on His time not ours....

It's like instant pudding.

sure, it tastes good and it'll do in a sugar crazed fix....

But nothing compares to the real stuff.  The stand at the stovetop for an hour melting butter, mixing yolks and sugar and milk to combine into this creamy sweet concoction that satisfies you to the soul.

I don't want to settle for instant.  I want the real deal.  I want to wait on his timing and receive the blessing that he has worked into our lives.

God is a loving Father, who gives his children the desires of their hearts.

This morning, I'm wondering how many times I've gotten instant pudding, when all the while God had something delectable in store...slow cooked to perfection, cooled and topped with whip cream?

Quiet time today led me to Job.  Oh Job, how your life speaks to me.  

Who are we to try and control our lives?  Did we form the earth?  Or tell the ocean where to stop?  Can we bring forth dawn or tell the stars where to shine?  

My small finite mind compared to an infinite God...hmmmm...who would I rather have calling the shots?   


I thank you for this day.  I thank you for the struggles and trials that lead me to a deeper relationship with you.  Father, I pray for strength and faith...to be resolute in following you...to be focused on you and nothing else!  You spun the earth into being and yet know every hair on my head and have saved every tear.  You are my redeemer, my strong tower, my shepherd who leads me through the valleys to calm waters.  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to not keep me were I was.  I give you my fears and my dreams...my life is yours to be molded and moved for your purpose alone.  Thank you for lavishing gifts into our lives...and help me have eyes to see them in the midst of darkness.  I lift up anyone who reads these words.  Father, that your grace and comfort would wrap around them, no matter what their struggle.  You are bigger than any mountain we may face. If we would just call upon you and wait for your rescue!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our interpretation is never as great as His, is it?