Monday, May 13, 2013


So, we made the long haul back home on Friday...just me and the kiddiepoos..oh and the dog...

Major Mother's Day Surprise!!!

Because Mum was the word until Mother's Day, here's the million facebook posts that I wanted to type but couldn't lol:

* Freakin' Orange Cones!

* No Rain for 80 Days in Cruces, Rained the ENTIRE way Up NM!

* At least an hour per stop...seriously need to invest in preteen sized diapers! (when we were
   kids, we stopped when the car needed gas..not because the billboard looks fun...and
   seriously..the southwest rival the Badlands in billboards)
* Freakin' Orange Cones!!!!!
* If I see the TIV or any other storm chaser vehicles, both me and the middle son will pee our 
   pants..both for different reasons lol.
* "Oklahoma City is nice, but I like Missouri's plain rainbow better." 10 cool detective points if 
   you figure that one out.

* Freaking Orange Cones!!!!!!!!!!!
* How many "turnpikes" does Oklahoma need? Seriously...have my ancient phone, an atlas, 
   and a 13 giving me directions...freakin mapquest!

* Missouri, the land of tobacco outlets, guns and ammo, and porn shops...oh and Churches..

* Sneezed in St. Louis should be a musical...popped my ears and I thought I was going to

Die all the way back up to Northern IL!

*Freakin' I55..or I7whatever..or I39 whatever the heck you are long and boring and       smell like cheese...just kidding about the cheese, but it's loathesome!

* 50 degrees....let me just let that one rest for a minute.....stepped out in El Paso IL to 50
   degrees....El Paso TX was like 60 something (ok, we had a cold front..but normally it has 
   been 90's!)

* Child #3, shaking in his boots..." I am Never leaving NM AGAIN!"

* Reached Auntie Crystal and Uncle Duane's house...child #3 "I am Never going back to NM".

* Surprised my mom at church...spent the last 2 days in the car trying to figure out her reaction..
   nope, not what they thought (and someone had even said She's going to Pass Out!)...just sat 
   there, stunned into a frozen blank stare for like 30 seconds...and then the screaming and 
   jumping, but no passing out!

Best day ever :) 

So sorry about the wonky spacing..tried to fix it..but it won't and I really am so messed up with this drive and alt. change and whatever that I really don't care!!!

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