Thursday, July 24, 2008

Road trip!

....well, maybe 10 hours is a bit of a stretch for a road trip! This picture is us just before we left, everyone is all set up with lots of colored pencils and paper. We almost didn't go because Jim decided to try and cut off his finger with a table saw on Monday....not my most favorite phone call. On Thursday morning he went to see an orthopod, who told him at least one more week off of work (in a half and sweaty!!!) so we decided it would be easier to spend it away from home and all of its temptations to do things that he really shouldn't!

We traveled down to Springfield, MO to see our little Eddie get married off to a great girl! On the way down we made a pit stop at Jim's brother's house near St. Louis...Corey wanted us to leave him there..I think that they had every Nerf gun ever made!!!! We finally made it to Springfield Friday night, were able to eat out and the kids got some pool time in before bed. Saturday we swam them hard so that they could sit through the ceremony. The wedding was beautiful and we got to hang out with some of our Northern Il friends (Bethany it was so fun to see you !!!!)
We also made a stop at the Bass Pro Shop. I thought it was just ok, but the boys (jim included) liked to look at the boats and atvs...bonus was that there was a Starbucks inside!!!! Other then that we just kind of hung out at the hotel pool for the rest of our stay, since Jim was one handed.

The best part of the trip was being able to see my Great Grandma J. We haven't seen here in at least 2 years. The boys were so excited! How often can kids say that they have a great-great Grandma! She will turn 91 this year. She is suffering from some dementia, but we were lucky enough to see her on a good day so it was a lot like old times.
Needless to say, we've made it back alive and well. We decided to make the entire trip back up in one day..thank you God for the video player in the Yukon!!! After a ton of laundry and a lot of unpacking, I think we are finally back to normal (hahaha..until the next crisis that is!!!!)

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