Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stented, Plugged and Ready To GO!

Just a quickie post:

My dad had his stent put in yesterday in Madison. Everything went pretty good. Dr said that his leg was clogged so much that the catheter almost didn't fit! (figure it's about the size of a his artery is 8mm!!!!)

Before, you would have to lay flat for 6 hours after having an angiogram. They did some new plug type thing that basically anchors into the artery and then plugs the hole made by the angio're pretty much ready to sit up and almost be normal right after!
(well, as normal as dad can be that is!!!!)

He made sure to give his nurses a hard time from the moment they took him back! It was soooo cold in the angio room. The nurse came in and dad asked if this was a new thing to almost cryogenically freeze you before the procedure so that then if they messed up they would just finish the job and keep you on ice until they figured out how to fix you! (ha ha ha smarty pants)

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Nancy said...

I was wondering:)
Glad he's doing ok. Check out

anyway though- seriously- they might be able to help him out even more:)