Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today Jamie was baptized! Earlier this month he came to us asking if he could be baptized. He accepted Christ last year, but we didn't push the whole baptism thing, figuring in his own time he would want to do it. So, today he was baptized along with his friends Lizzy and Ben...and about 100 other people...including Uncle Duane!
I love the rays of light in the top picture! Crystal had something similar in one of her wedding photos and a friend told her that some people believe that those are angels...not sure how I feel about the photogenicness of angels, but it's kind of a cool thought!
Here is Jim and Pastor Ron baptizing Jamie. Jim was such a proud papa that he swooped J up and threw him into the air, giving him the biggest hug I have ever seen!

Each year our church has a B3 party (beach, bbq, and baptism). It is a very big celebration~we believe that water baptism is a public expression, declaring that Jesus is your Savior, symbolizing that you have been washed clean (out with the old creation, in with the new). We have a total party, eating food, hanging out, singing praise songs, kids playing games. We are so lucky to be part of a church community like Crossroads!

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