Wednesday, August 13, 2008



When we were kids, my grandma had this game where you had to put all of the little plastic pieces on a board and flip the switch before the timer ran out or else all the bright yellow shapes were flung into the air and you'd have to start all over. Today has been one of those days....I definitely didn't make the buzzer:

I was woken up to Jamie informing me that he couldn't find the package of hot dogs that they had taken up to their rooms....What?!? ARGHHHH~Don't ask why it was up there...found the package, but not before our Rot ate all the hot dogs! (anyone want a seriously gassy 120lb dog that sheds like a maniac..just I'm really kidding..or am I...the fumes are about to kill me!!!)

Since Monday, my phone has been acting crazy: I have no signal and am roaming when I'm at our house, unless I am upstairs in our bedroom by the window. Tried to get the problem fixed today, but after 20 min on hold they were unable to explain glad that I just paid them $216!!!!!!

Then I went to deposit Jim's check...only he forgot take it out of his wallet and took it to work with him....ARRGGGGHHH!!!

I am going into the big metropolis to see if the cell phone store can figure out our signal problems and then I am going to sit down with a nice big latte (really want something stronger but it's only 10:30!!!).

Here are a couple of things that have made me happy this week:

A star blanket for a friend's baby

and Annie Oakley and her horse for my grandma W


Nancy said...


I've had one of those WEEKS, girl!
Today went much better though:) lots of near misses..
I remember that game... perfection!
how did you make that star blanket?

I have an app with Ken in the afternoon tomorrow- kickin' old Mr. Pitchfork in the FACE!
Wish I could do more than just say hi on here... smallgroup will be starting up again soon though!

shelly said...

One of these days Jim will get a Sat. night off so we can see you guys...but Jim always seems to find Raymond at Walliworld!

The blanket is a crochet pattern..I'll edit it to link to the is a really quick project!

Today is going much better! I hate hitting those brick walls..and yes I think the game was called perfection, I played that for hours!