Monday, August 25, 2008

Preparation H silly nuts!!!

We are now on our way to being prepared for the school year!!!! (best part is that I have a week before we are technically starting! WHOO HOOO!!)

This will be our 3rd year doing the whole home school thing. So far so good...not that there aren't moments that I want to quit and throw my little munchkins in public school jail, but then I breath, remember that I like to "take our time" in the morning and things are back in perspective!

Jamie is in 3rd grade, Corey is in 1st, and Riley technically is still preschool, but we are going to give kindergarten a try! For the first time I really feel like we have a good handle on the year. I have never been a heavy curriculum kind of mom. I like the freedom to study what the boys are interested and then squeeze the rest of the stuff in along side. This year we are starting off with the solar system....after meeting with a seasoned home school mom (thanks Sue!!!!), I now have a pretty good plan to make planets not only science, but throw in history, maybe some math and I have plenty of books and stories on space ships, satellites, and what not. I can even get plenty of spelling and vocab out of this!!!

It all started with a trip to Borders. Can I just tell you that I LOVE Borders' clearance section...I am always finding cheap books when I stop in for coffee. So it all started with a $5 Atlas of the Solar goes through each planet in depth, how they make telescopes..if it has to do with space, it's in there!

So, you may be asking "what will she ever do with all of this time on her hands?"....NOTHING...absolutely nothing!!!!! Big sigh of relief...aaahhhhhh......I'm off to sit and relax with my coffee!

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