Sunday, October 5, 2008

Masculine Bovine Feces

The more these campaigns go on the more bogged down with masculine bovine feces I feel (that's my country girl equivalent of bs for all of you city people..hehehe).

This morning while watching these talking head shows I just wanted to scream! People...think for your calculator...something!!!!! Get off your comfy tushes and do some research!

One of the big issues of this campaign is health care. I'm not big on universal health care (which is NOT what Obama is promoting), mainly because I see the hoops that hospitals, ambulances, nursing homes, and clinics have to go through in order to get payment from Medicare, Medicaide, and Kid Care. If you don't have every t crossed or i dotted, they deny the hospital payment, which then causes the hospitals to charge more for everyone else to even out their loss.

McCain, in his generous, no pork barrel spending ways, wants to offer us a $5,000 tax credit and then make us choose our own health care. What planet is he on?

To be completely honest, we are one of those families who do not currently have health care. We have looked into buying it on our own, but there isn't an extra penny available with all of the other increases we have faced over the last year.

In response to this wonderful "tax credit" I have only one thing to say-----
LADEE FRICKEN DA! That tax credit will do a lot of good if we're in a "Van down by the river"!!! (sorry, I love Chris Farley!)

I did a little research of my own (thanks to google and e health insurance):
Quotes are based on a family of 5 in our county

Blue Cross Blue Shield:

$324/month+ 1750 deductible+$6000 annual out of pocket (deductible not included) =

$466/month+$500 deductible ($1000/family)+$6000 annual out of pocket =
$12, 592/year


$189/month+$10,000 deductible(once your reach deductible, 100% coverage)=
$12, 268/year

I don't know about you, but a $5000 tax credit (which you already can claim every single penny of your medical costs as a tax deduction) doesn't really make a dent in the cost of independently acquiring your own insurance. Also, this isn't saying that you'd automatically receive a $5,000 increase in your tax refund....that money would go to the insurance company to offset your plan's cost....and....McCain would then start taxing the previously "pre tax" money from your pay check that goes to your health insurance, if you get your insurance from your employer. you feel duped?!?


Nancy said...

I don't know, Shelly, what you are talking about is an important issue, but I will have to go with the candidate who does not support abortions. Money is one thing, but human lives are more important to me.

shelly said...

I totally agree with you. But since both candidates have made it clear that they will not try to overturn Roe v. Wade, I find it kind of a wash on that front. Infact, Obama has said that he would do more to help women to make different choices (adoption, more funding for programs to help mothers in difficult situations, etc). Unfortunately, I don't think that abortion will ever be done away with so that's why I support doing everything possible to help women out, to give them a loving hand and help them either become the parents they need to be or give them alternative options to abortion.