Friday, October 24, 2008

Ooops! Kathy caught me! I totally forgot to post about our weekend...not that we didn't have a great time, just been extremely crazy on the home front!

Sunday we went up to New Glarus with Crystal and Duane to do the brewery tour and just hang out.

We headed up north on 26 only to spot a sign in Cedarville "winery open".....Jim did a quick right turn as I, every so gently, yelled "TURN!!!!" It ended up being Famous Fossil's opening weekend and the place was really quaint. They have had the vineyard for 4 years, this being their first usable crop. We tasted some wine and I begged Jim for a bottle of their Autumn Blush....which was awesome!

Then Jim got us (that means ME) back on track. So we got back on 26 and headed towards Monroe. We ended up eating a quick lunch at Baumgartner's (Dad always raves about their famous cheese sandwiches....which are exactly that: 2 pieces of bread and a huge hunk of cheese!). We ended up with chili and cheese sandwiches and a couple of beers: Jim of course got Spotted Cow and I had a Berghoff Oktoberfest, which was pretty good definitely something I'll try again! As we were eating, I looked up on the ceiling and noticed that there were a ton of $1 bills up these are super high ceilings so curiosity got the best of me and I asked the waitress what was up with all the bills. She said that it would cost a Crystal whips out a dollar. Once a year they clear off the ceiling and donate the money to a charity ($5200 last year). So the waitress brings a box full of metal thumb tacks and 3 quarters taped together. She put the tack in the middle of the bill and then did this fancy little wrap around the quarters....then she chucks the thing in the air and splat the bills up on the ceiling and the wad of quarters is barreling down (which she caught!). The only thing better would be if they had a little monkey!!! I would definitely take the kids back with like $10 in ones..too funny!

Back on the road again, we finally made it to our destination: New Glarus. Since Crystal isn't much of a beer person I thought we could go through their shops first. We ended up at their bakery (we got a loaf of sour dough and a huge chunk of Carmel apple cheese cake). Then we stopped at this little swiss cottagey shop with cheese and fudge. I tricked Crystal and Duane into eating Jalapeno Fudge..heheehee! We got a couple blocks of cheese and Crystal bought some fudge. The only disappointing thing was that I would have passed up the cheese cake if I would have known that the cheese shop had "apple pie" which was exactly like the apple danish my mom used to make! (pity party!) I got over it after we got to the brewery! We took their tour and had a tasting, which is pretty cool: the tour is free and for $3 you get to sample 3 beers and keep the cup (they make good juice glasses!). So we bought a couple of mixed 6 packs, but what I really wanted was the t-shirt that said "Real women don't drink light beer." Oh well, next time!

On our way home we stopped at Walmart, got a few groceries and a couple cheap movies. I made minestrone soup to eat with our sour dough and we watched movies all night.

This was definitely one of our best anniversaries! We had so much fun doing absolutely nothing....and we saved a ton by not staying somewhere overnight! (well it was kind of like staying in a mom's friend gave us her queen bed from her guest room and the house was clean...that changed once the boys were home!!!)

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