Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost FO's

So, yes I have been doing more then just contemplating the brevity of life these last few weeks! Finished a sweater, started a scarf and almost finished a baby sweater...not too shabby!

This is my Mosaic Yoke Sweater....saw comments on the sizing and they were totally right...working on making it fit!!!
My camera broke about a month ago...this is what the sweater looks like on Jim's cell! (wonderful huh?!?)

I decided to take the dozen little balls of yarn I had left from the sweater and make them into this scrap's knit length wise so one row feels like FOREVER!!! There's really no rhyme or reason to the patters colors, just add another row and away you go!

I ripped out a baby blanket and decided to turn it into a baby sweater for Andrea. It called for a picot edge on the bottom, but I didn't like the way the sides of the cardigan kept rolling so I added it on all the open edges. Still needs buttons and tails sewn in, but close enough to call finished in my book!

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