Thursday, November 26, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

I can make PIE!!! I know, whoopdeedoo....but I've never made a pie before. (It's always scared me a bit, but man, there's nothin' to it!)

Here's helper #1 (the other 2 were banished upstairs for fighting)...He's winking, not scowling..nice, huh? (and yes, we have a drumset in our soon as the new carpet goes in J's room it's outta here!!!)I was super impressed with Corey's cutting abilities! I mean LOOK at those tiny apple pieces!!!

Riley got to stir in the flour, sugar and cinnamon for the filling. Jamie helped roll and cut the dough, but I was so freaked out that I forgot to take a picture!
We made little pies by cutting around a small bowl and fitting them into a muffin tin...these were awesome and SOOO cute!

Jamie sure enjoyed these little hand sized pies!

Ok, so I couldn't stop there. The crust recipe that I used was ehh at best. I mean, it got the job done, but it didn't taste like Grandma's (well, nothing will taste like Grandma's because I don't have/ or will ever have lard!)
Here's attempt #2:

Cherry Pie with cheesecake filling and an oat crumb topping:
Pie Crust is from Zoe Bakes (please go visit this site....she gives a perfect tutorial!)
Obviously I'm a novice in the pie baking field....I only had Jim pick up 1 can of cherry pie filling..the can says 2 (Jim is not a fan of pumpkin...fruit pies with crumb tops are his favorite so here you go!)
The cheese cake filling:
1 pkg cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
1 egg
Beat in mixer, pour in pie shell. Carefully dump cherries on top.
Bake 375 for 20 min. Add the crumb topping (I'd give you the recipe, but I wasn't over the moon for it). Bake 25-30 min more. Let cool and eat....MMMMmmmmm!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh those little hand-held pies are so twee! As is your little helper!
Drums? My sons would DIE of jealousy if they saw...