Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trying To Be Thankful

Has anyone else had a rotten November?

It seems like this whole month has been one battle after another. Then here we are starting the holiday rush and my attitude is in the pooper. The kids fight non stop. All I hear is what they want from the "Toys For ME" catalog (yes, they actually call it that). The house looks like a tornado hits it on the hour, every hour. I'm worried about money...paying bills, buying in the heck will we ever make it?!? Our furnace went out...the brakes are funky in the Yukon....and will the SUN ever shine again?!?

Thanksgiving was a celebration of all that God had done to provide for the Pilgrims as the harsh winter approached. Instead of feeling full and ready to weather the storms and cold, I feel empty, spent and undone. A heart transplant is definitely here we go:

~I am thankful for 3 healthy boys, who fight and squabble...who are loud and farty...who turn everything upside down in the blink of an eye.

~I am thankful for a home and a family to fill it.

~Thank you God for providing us with extra money for a furnace and a husband who can fix our vehicles.

~Even though it isn't "the dream" job, I am so thankful for Jim actually having income when there are so many without.

~And Lord, thank you for the rain that washes the bean thingies off my car and makes me appreciate those sun shiny days even more then ever before!

The other day I was thinking about all of this when God reminded me that He is all sufficient. He is all that I need, no matter what the circumstance. Thank You Father for all that you do for this ungrateful child.


Lori said...

It's all about perspective baby, perspective! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your attitude is marvelous. And your kids will thrive without all kinds of instant gratification. Mine do!