Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Update

I feel like I should have Seth and Amy with me right now....Really..but we'll get to that later!

The boys spent the night with my parents on Friday. We had planned on going to a farewell party in Madison later Saturday afternoon, but since we had no kiddos we splurged and headed to the farmers market :)

This was the last indoor market of the season and I can't wait for it to go back outside around the capitol square! It's definitely smaller in the Madison Senior Center, but there were a fare amount of vendors and a wonderful breakfast. I ended up only getting a dairy/gluten free apple bar (which was AWESOME!)...I tried to talk Jim into buying granola from the same girl, but he wasn't sure on getting a huge bag of it. The funniest thing was when she walked out from her booth, Jim about fell over!Pretty interesting huh? Her's were purple and they for sure made an impression on this country bumpkin husband! As Kathy says, "it was a bit too crunchy granola for him!" It was crazy :)

When you've got a couple of hours to kill, what better place to hang but The Terrace! This is probably my favorite spot in Madison....along with the hole in the wall along the square that sells the 3 cup chicken...and bramburry's coffee shop with the crepes...well...I guess I just LOVE Madison!

So we sat outside by the lake, drank a couple of WI's finest and ate a sub. If you ever go, one sub is enough....they don't advertise how big they are! I ended up giving Jim half because all of that bread was just way too much when we haven't had it in a month and a half!

After the tables started to fill with "study" groups, we decided to head out and find a ski shop. Mobile Google is a wonderful thing! We found a Redline Shop a few miles away..super service and great tubes and skis...if only we were made out of money!

Next up was dinner at The Old Fashioned:
(notice the black pager on Jim's hip....yeah, that's the "geek box"....what was he going to do, go all Mr. Deeds on a fire scene?!?)
Anyway, when in WI do as the wisconsonites (and everyone else at the table)~
ugh! Just looking at this makes my stomach hurt all over again! This is their house burger...bacon cheese burger with a sunny side up egg on top (just because cheese curds, cheese AND bacon couldn't possibly be enough!). Again, I ate half and poor Jim suffered the consequences..had to stop twice for an hour and a half car ride! (urp) This morning Jim was checking the online bank statement, only to find that our bill was $11 more than what we signed for....gratuity was included so this waiter gave himself almost a $20 tip for a $45 bill....Reeeeeealllly....Jim called the restaurant and was told the owner would be calling him back....well that was at 9:30 this morning and we still haven't heard back....really, Old Fashioned, I hope you didn't do this to the rest of our group...goes to show you never to trust a guy that talks like a noonie!

The main spectacular reason we ventured north~
(me, Kathy, and Amber)

Kathy is ditching us for an incredible man down in St. Louis! Mark is one lucky guy :) Over the past year I've seen Kathy just blossom into happiness~ I wish her all of the best in the Arch City (hoping you'll find great beer down there too Cheese!)
It's hard to believe that we're all grown up when just yesterday we were sitting up in Kathy's room, listening to her dad's old cheech and chong records.....Class .....class?!.... CLASSSSSS! I could go on all day, but without Kathy, there's no one to get all of my old SNL quotes :) Thanks for opening my eyes to the finer things in life Cheese----good food----good beer----and laughing so hard your ribs hurt for days!
Safe travels my friend! (and expect a few visits so that we can all go to the city museum!)


Anonymous said...

What a fun day!! I'm so glad you got a day + away with hubby. :)

I about lost it on that picture of lunch and boo'd at the extra tip!! I hope they work that out correctly for you.

A very sweet picture of you & your friends. (love the reflection too!)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I just saw those shoes for the first time a few weeks ago, worn by a man. I told my hubs "now that's a shoe for someone who really loves to be bare foot and only wears shoes because it's required by society!"

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Looks like a fantastic day! Those shoes would skeeve me out. Toes should be hidden. Just, ick.
I'm jealous--I haven't had a field trip in Madison in YEARS!

Kelley said...

my boss is a barefoot runner and has those exact shoes...true story. I laugh at him every time he goes out- either barefoot or in those crazy shoes. He loves it and says its the best thing he has ever done.

Im gonna take a pass...LOL

Courtney Walsh said...

That looks like a ton of fun!!! I've only ever been to Madison for the zoo! lol I need to get up there, obviously! :)