Monday, June 14, 2010

Fears and Tears

Jamie left for Kidzlink camp early early this morning....he didn't want to hug goodbye in front of his buddies...instead I got "peace out"! (to which I grabbed him in my arms and gave him the biggest slobbery kiss ever!)
No Bugs on Me! (after seeing them check all of the lovely girls with long, long hair, I'm pretty glad that I just have to deal with that nice soft freshly sheared buzz cut!)
No bumpy school buses for these kids! (coach all the way---with in flight/bus movies too!) Their cabins have air conditioning, the camp has indoor and outdoor pools, a skate park, a lake filled with blow up toys, rock walls and zip lines......He's never going to want to come home!!!!
So, off he went for the week. I cried in the parking lot. I'm not a mommy mom. My new favorite saying for the boys is Suck It Up Buttercup (thanks Green Girl!). We live in a man house, no drama or tears! But there I was, crying with that pit of your stomach dread. What if something happened? What if he goes to the bathroom at McD's and they leave him miles from home? Does he know our phone number? What if he gets hurt....or worse? Could I make it to St. Louis in time? Ahhhh...seriously, WTH!!! He went last year, so why am I a mess this year?!? It's not like this is the first camp ever....and I absolutely love the Kidzlink staff (they are the best kids church EVER)!
The service this weekend was on Truth. Battling those lies that the Devil likes to creep into your mind, debilitating you, making you want to run for cover and hold your babies close. The truth---Jamie will be fine...better than fine, he'll be fantastic! He's going to learn so much about God and grow deeper in his faith. We are so blessed to have him as a son. And we all are going to have a fun week just hanging as a family of 4 for the moment! Corey and Riley will get more one on one and it's going to be good!
Do you guys read Ann Voskamp? Seriously, check her post today! I was in tears (again...what is wrong with me?!? I feel like the Grinch growing a heart!) It's about Peter fishing all night and getting nothing, then Jesus says to go back out and their nets were overflowing. Life is hard, but if we trust in God's leading blessings will overflow our lives. Got me thinking big time. Jim is planning a pretty big trip next month to scope out a possible job. It's scary. A big move would be involved...kiss that comfort zone goodbye. So many how do you know it's God's leading and not your own head making you think it's God...or how do you know if God is holding you back or Satan sabotaging your path? Lots of prayer going out for this trip! (Jim will be going alone, so I have to totally let go of that whole control issue and trust Him to be lead....ahhhhhhh...)
Anyway, have a great week...we're super busy, so I might not be around much for the next couple of weeks, but I'll be back (I feel like the terminator!)


gottaluvboyz said...

I am laughing at your phrase "Suck it up Buttercup". I "try" to be that way with my boys, but often fail. LOL I hope your son has tons of fun while he is away!

Michelle said...

Thinking of you, and praying for you, sweetie. All will be well. God loves you, and will protect you. Trust in Him.

Have a wonderful week!

{the card family} said...

Teehee... I'm laughing at "Cheeseman Coaches" ... being from WI, it's funny to me!

{God Bless!}

shelly said...

So, I was totally curious about the bus...we have a campus in Monroe so I thought that maybe it was one of our church member's businesses...Nope! It's from Milligville (which I have NO idea where that's at!)

Debbie said...

Shelly, I was so glad my daughters never wanted to go away to camp.We did a lot of family camping, usually letting them take a friend of two. My oldest daughter went as a counselor a few years ago with the junior high girls from church. She was 20 and I missed her and worried about her. She was so glad to see us when we went to get her!
Yes, her dad drove to Iowa to pick her up instead of meeting the bus at church! We took her to eat pizza immediately; she was starving:)
I went to the site you suggested and was blown away with the article. Thanks for the head's up; I'm a follower of that site now.
When we had been married 14 years, God moved us from Dallas to the middle of Illinois. It was the best thing for our family. Definitely pray together, but bathe your husband in prayer since he is the one responsible for making the decision. Pray that he will discern God's leading. That's just my thought; you'll be fine.
Great post!

Lori said...

Cheeseman Coaches are great! Paul(the owner) is wonderful to deal with and they didn't even pay me to say that. It sounds like we need to chat...where is Jim headed?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How cool for those kids to get to go to camp! My son goes next month and he cannot wait!
I think you are so brave--giving it over to God and resting in His promises. Even if it's not an easy path, He's got your back. And your family's!
I did the same thing recently with a HUGE decision--my job was to open a door and let God work things out as He wanted to.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, it's hard to let them go! Trust me, I'm just like you. I try to be all tough, but watching them drive away just slays me :(

Daisy said...

I was smiling at the Head Check. My son has had a buzz cut for years, and when he zooms through the health line at camp, I'm again reminded why he likes it.