Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hit The Trail Jack

Our adventure filled weekend ended with a bike ride at the Jane Addam's Trail. It's a bike trail that, if you're crazy enough, will take you all the way up to Madison (emphasis on CrAzY!)

We barely got the bikes out of the truck bed and they were off!
Even though it was hotter outside, the trail is pretty much surrounded by trees so it was pretty nice goings. It was an old railroad and every so often you'll see some cool old metal buildings...couldn't take too many pics or the boys would have left me in the dust!
We ended up biking for about 12 miles....everyone made it! This was Corey and Riley's first time on a trail riding on their own bikes :)
When we got home I made a good dinner to round out the events! Grilled Chicken, Jennifer's Macaroni Salad (which was awesome, but I stink at making hard boiled eggs!!!), corn on the cob and Blueberry Cobbler (adapted from PW's blackberry cobbler). I would have taken a picture, but we were all so hungry and tired that I totally forgot until we were half way through!
So, that's the last of our weekend...just in time for the next! Hope you all have fully recovered from your festivities!


Michelle said...

Love the building. 12 miles? I bet it was a fun ride. You all are in much better shape than I am!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That shot of the trail just made me want to jump on my own bike!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What fun! And you had lovely weather for that trip, too.