Monday, June 7, 2010

From Hulk To Happy

My fantastic mom picked up a couple of these framed "posters" when the local Blockbuster went out of business. She got them for next to nothing...honestly, I have no idea what Coldplay even sings so I had no problem painting over their serious stares! It's about a 2'x4' frame and the picture has a rough texture to it...could be ok for painting, but not so much for chalkboards.Flip that baby over and Viola! Smooth surface, but cruddy cheapo frame needs some major tlc!
3 coats of chalkboard paint and a million pieces of scrapbook paper mod poged on's really not speaking to me! (after I took this picture, I sanded down the raw edges on the inside of the frame...still...ehhh)
I tried doing a multi media approach, but blech....even worse! Sorry that there's no picture because I went from mild mannered mom of 3 to The Incredible Hobby Hulk~and kind of sort of ripped the frame off with a screw driver and shear muscle!
Jim came in at this point and I could see it in his face~he was wondering if he'd been spotted and if he had enough time to make a get away! I asked him if he could cut it down and take some scrap molding and just nail this to the wall (because I originally wanted it on this space by the garbage cupboard, but with the frame on it wasn't even close to fitting). When I went to show him how much to cut off, Surprise! fits! Someday I'll have him finish it off better, but for now I'm happy :)
For those of you who don't have much chalkboard experience, all ways, all ways, all ways rub it down with chalk to season the paint (otherwise could end up with the image or words burned into the paint).
Wipe it off with a damp cloth and go for it!
We made a summer list (idea totally stolen from whatever...whom I adore!).
My goal this summer is to make it to at least one park a week to hike or bike and then squeeze in a fun thing whenever possible. My new found blogger friends from the breakfast last month really inspired me to take the boys to more parks. It almost seems like society has lost that love of the outdoors...who'd want to get all sweaty when you could sit in an air conditioned theater and watch Shrek 3!?! (by the way...have any of you heard that McDonalds recalled ALL of their 12 million cadmium tainted Shrek glasses? mom bought the boys 6 of those puppies and they've been drinking out of them all week...Stupid McDonalds...Stupid company that they bought their cups from....Stupid government...anyone else to blame for this?...well, they're stupid too! Who puts toxic metal in paint that will be on something a kid's lips will be on?!? They must have been drinking the same koolaide as the bp execs!)


Michelle said...

I did not know about seasoning chalkboards like that. That is good to know!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Love this--and your list rocks!
Am not surprised by the glasses--there's a reason I tell my kids NO all the time. I have no trust.

shelly said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad I'm not the only one irrate about people putting our kids in danger all for the sake of a buck :)

I have to llok back on my archives, but I don't think that I ever updated you guys on all that I've learned since March with our diet :)

Kristi said...

What a fabulous idea...and I'm loving your summer goals. Blessings to you!

Mary said...

Love the chalkboard. Going to have to check out that size too. I am looking for a lg decorative frame with ugly picture at goodwill. I want hubby to put sheet metal in it for a magnet board above my sewing area.

I grew up in Rock City, Dakota area and recognie many places you blog about. Can you tell me where you live? I was the missing blogger at the White pines breakfast. I was on vacation then.

Love your blog.

shelly said...

Ok Guys----I am sooooo sorry for accidentally deleting all of your comments! stupid blogger had some of you up with the same one 3 or 4 times, so I was cleaning it up a bit and it erased EVERYTHING! (I am SuCh a Dork!)

Mary--we're south of Rock City close to Lori, we travel all over (it's nice to have the boys mobile). You should look into just getting sheet metal to fit and then "framing" it with trim straight onto the wall (that way its exactly the size you need and you don't have to wait forever for someone to donate to Goodwill...and you'll leave the good stuff for me hehehe! seriously need another chalkboard like I need a hole in my head!)

shelly said...

Ok...Blogger....You're just messin with me now! (I'm very thankful that I didn't loose you all!)

Miss A said...

"For those of you who don't have much chalkboard experience, all ways, all ways, all ways rub it down with chalk to season the paint (otherwise could end up with the image or words burned into the paint)."

OH if I'd only known.... back to repaint mine and NEVER make that same mistake again, evah!!

~Miss A