Friday, July 30, 2010

Corny Goodness

We were blessed the other day with an abundance of corn from my dear friend Joyce. We stood by the field gabbing while her wonderful hubby picked corn...all of a sudden we were all---how many bushels was that?---to which the hubby replied, I don't know..stopped counting! This is the back of Jim's truck bed 1/4 full of corn!!!
So, we headed to my mom's to borrow her turkey boiler and freeze up some corn (after eating our fill of course!).
We ended up with 4 big paper sacks plus 5 plastic bags...I lost count, but there had to be over 13 dozen ears!

We pulled, and we husked and we knocked that pile down!
The sun setting on a pile of corn really is a beautiful thing :)
The aftermath of all of that corn was a yard full of silks and husks....yes, dad, we picked it all up! I forgot to take a picture of Jim cooking all of this corn, but it was perfection!!!

Fill a turkey boiler 3/4 full of water, bring to a boil. Add a couple doz ears of corn, cook for 2 min (for freezing only...according to Joyce, the perfect ear of corn is cooked 4 min after the water returns to a boil). After the 2 min, use your grill tongs to remove corn from the boiling water and toss them into a Rubbermaid tub full of ice water. Let them swish around for another couple of min to cool down. Repeat over and over again until all of the piles of corn are done :)

Now the fun part...cut the corn off of the cob and have the hubby (who was done cooking corn in a flash) bag 4 cups into each freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible and freeze for a lovely taste of summer during the bleak winter!
(part of our 24 quarts of corn)

Next up, finding something to do with an overload of grape tomatoes! Any suggestions? (Corey gave me 6 plants for mother's day and they have gone crazy!)


Sue Garwick said...

Oh and Shelly, those tomato plants will reappear next yr without having to plant them! Don't you just love fresh tomatoes & corn! Gotta love summer.

Lori said...

Years ago when we had a garden, I canned cherry tomatoes, skin and all. They were great in soups and chilis in the wintertime.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I never thought of canning cherry tomatoes.
That? Is a LOT of corn! Holy cow!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Ooh, all those corn husks would be great for starting my new compost bin!

When I read that you wrote "shived" I laughed out loud! You're right!

Renea said...

Have you ever thought about cutting your sweet corn into an angel food cake pan? I used my cake pan this morning while I cut the corn off of the cob. It worked perfect. I set the corn cob on top of the center tube and cut the corn which fell into the pan. (Put a cookie sheet under the cake pan) I hardly had any mess and was easier to bag up.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You won! Congrats, Shelly! Shoot me your address and the design of the notecards you want at my email!

Kaylen said...

I want to freeze corn on the cob...but on the cob! We love corn in the cob, but it's only really economical a few months a year for us. I'm trying to grow some in my first garden ever and only had two stalks come out, but we hope to have some corn to eat from our garden! And hope to have better luck next year!
I need a friend with a husband who loses count when giving me stuff!!

jmquilts said...

As I've tried to post a zillion times, I love your pictures! Makes Phil happy to see you happy with a gift. :)