Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Alright, we're barely back to the land of the living---I feel like this was the everlasting gobstopper of colds (lasts forever and has SO many different flavors! We've had coughs and runny noses, stomach issues, fevers and now Riley has this crazy rash on his neck and face!)

It figures that God would be doing such awesome things in our lives and then Satan comes along and totally sucker punches us with this virus!

So here we go, the good news (or slightly bad depending on your perspective):

Last Thursday, we dropped Jim off at the bus station to catch a ride into the lovely O'Hare airport. Here's my attempt at a quick Happy Family photo before dad left---they were thrilled can't you tell?
Let me confess to y'all: We're not jet setters! Up till this point neither of us had been on a plane. Here was Jim, solo, navigating O'Hare with an hour delay and a gate change! He did great, I was a mess! We've been together for 17 years and have never been more than a few hours apart (yes, my parents brought him with on our fam vacations to keep my sister and I separated!) letting him fly 1300 miles, 3 hours of no contact, was a huge deal for me. So, I guess that I'm probably the world's biggest baby. This trip has had my nerves all up for the last month. Why would I be so nervous about a silly little weekend flight? Well, Jim was looking at a prospective fire department. He flew down to scope it out and I had to let go of all of my control issues and trust him to make the right decision....that he would be open to God's leading and not crowd it out with the inner workings of his cabeza! I've been feeling things about this town for months now. Not to get too mystical on you, but God's hand has been strong in this process. He went before Jim and prepared a path. Super things happened, Big Huge God type things. He really felt good about the department. I had prayed that there would be no mixed feelings, that he'd love it or absolutely hate it....well, He Loved It!

Jim has a friend who moved down there last year....Guy and Mel, your fantastic hospitality meant the world to Jim! They gave Jim a place to stay, a truck to use, picked him up and dropped him off at the airport and gave him way more than the 10 cent tour! (and they fed him----well!)

The only thing that I asked of Jim was lots of pictures--show me the town!

Here's Guy and Mel's yard (amazingly he shot through several yards and never got a house...well, a garage, but NO houses!) The Oregon mountains border the town. He went up in them a bit...honest...but I've got no proof;)

My fav car shot---well---I do have to say that IL skies aren't quite that blue!

The piece de resistance---Lakes---2 of them within an hour's drive:So what does all of this mean? Well, right now, nothing is set in stone yet. There's application processes, licenses to transfer, a house to get ready to sell...makes me have an *Oh Crap* moment. Things are moving on God time, which seems to be faster than I expected. (figures we wait for 6 years and then everything comes about in like 6 months!....why didn't we prepare?!?)

Who knows...Well, God knows. I'm feeling really good about this opportunity, it's awesome to see God's hand so evident in this whole thing. But then I start to think about my family, friends...our church! I just have to hold tight to the fact that God works all things for our good. God is faithful to keep reminding me this week that He is with us---He has gone out before us in battle and prepared the way!

1 Chronicles 28:20 tells us to be strong and courageous, and do the work. God is with us---He will not fail or forsake us!

Even though this is a huge leap, I'm ok...I'm excited for this opportunity God has set before us. Could you keep us in your prayers? There are so many things that need to fall into place, if we think to hard it becomes a little bit disheartening...but God is in this and his Will always prevails!

Have a great rest of the week....expect a lot of "Lucy" events coming up as I tackle the house while Jim tackles the Jobs! (if nothing else, it'll be a good laugh right) Oh, and does anybody have a favorite Spanish language curriculum?!?


Lori said...

Sesame Street is my preferred curriculum. Before you's where I learned to count in Spanish!

shelly said...

I learned more from sesame street than high school spanish...actually, I learned a lot in that class (not from it, but in it! ;))

Michelle said...

Gosh Shelly, I've met you once, and I'm sitting here with tears running down my face and feeling sorry for myself that I won't see you selfish...but I am so happy for you, and your family, and I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I know with the magic of the internet, I will never be without you, your sense of humor, and your kind, sincere heart who always hears me when I feel weak.... and with God's hand in all you do, you can always be assured that He will take care of you all too.
be blessed,

shelly said...

Oh, I Love you Michelle! And sweetie, it takes a sincere heart to know one!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I WILL pray--but what a cool thing to be led with such firm confidence!

jmquilts said...

How fun to see pictures!! Prayers continue for His peace that will pass all understanding. (((hugs)))

Love seeing God's hands in all this!!

shelly said...

Thank you Green Girl--this is SO out of our comfort zone, but there's a peace that is just here constantly letting me know it'll be all good!

Joyce--I wish there were more pictures!!! Its funny what constitutes as "important" to one person is eh, not so much to another---although he did take a ton of farms down their (its wild! I'm sure Phil would enjoy them!)