Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stone Quarry Maddness

For you locals, Byron has this hidden treasure~~ Stone Quarry Park

$3 to get in, there's a big skatepark, sprinkler garden, mini put, batting cages and play equipment!!!! Perfect way to spend a Sunday :)
I had a great pic of the 3 of them mini putting, but I erased it!!! Ugh! (guess we'll have to go back soon!) Corey is a maniac at putput~~~3 hole in ones and it was his first time ever doing it!!!

After the park, we headed to my grandma's house for a little cookout (honestly, I said keep it simple grandma~~~but, oh was it good!) My Aunt Beth was in from Washington. It's so nice to catch up for a bit :)

Corey occupied the time with Mr. Potato Head~~~who'd of thunk to put the earrings on yourself! What a nut!
I forgot to post this last time, but Jim's friend got this for the boys while Jim was in NM.
You very slowly open the dangerous package that Jim so happened to forget to keep cool~~~inside is a rubber band, a paper clip thingy and a washer so as you lift the flap, it starts vibrating!!! I knew it was a joke, but it still almost made me wet my pants ;)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a cool place to bring the kids--I bet they had a blast!