Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do You Have The Power?

Last week, our church brought The Power Team to our campuses....I had no idea what to really expect, but knew the boys would love all the smashing!

We were able to go see them on Sunday was packed!!!! They filled the Masonic Temple till the fire marshall about had a heart attack and made them shut the doors!

The boys went nuts for all the brick breaking, phone book tearing, ice smashing mania!

Here are a few pictures of our local mayor, laying on a bed of nails, with a board of nails on top of him and then for extra fun a HUGE block of ice being broke on top of him! We were in the balcony section and I just had the cruddy cell phone, but you'll get the point! How many politicans would do this for a Christian Crusade? Well, he will definitely be talked about for awhile ;)

(Lori, do you recognize any super blurry image on the top middle?)

Look at this block of ice!!! (they picked it up using that huge board and then ever so gently laid it on the mayor's middle)


...and then they took their sweet time smashing it! He first was given a broom, then held the sledge hammer backwards....all very theatrical and got the crowd really going!
Powerful Men with an even more Powerful Message!---that even with all of their strength, they could do nothing without Christ! They toured 19 schools and had like 5 Crusades plus 4 sermons at church....busy guys, busy volunteers.....Thank you everyone who donated their time to make this happen :)

We're trying a new method of getting along in our house---here's our new memory verse:

...and if you're caught being unloving, you get to read the verse and answer the question~Are you being Loving?~ So far one son is coming pretty close to having this whole verse memorized in an afternoon....sigh....


gottaluvboyz said...

Wow, how incredible! Sounds completely inspiring to view! Love that message in your last photo...I think that is going up on our chalkboard in the kitchen right now!

Anonymous said...

Second picture. Second from the right, back side of beam. Mine. LOL!!

I should "use" your pictures... I only got pictures of JP's pocket when I sent the camera.