Friday, September 17, 2010

Fatty Boombalatty Fridays

What a week!

We started school....well, technically we're on week 2...most of it has been done in the truck waiting for Jim to get out of Dr. appointments (after many a hairy night, I think he has finally kicked this pneumonia thing....back to work on Monday!)

I've been busting my butt walking twice a day, abs, and weights 3 days...but then mother nature decides that I need to get my friend for the week :/ Don't you guys hate that week? This is one of my favorite SNL skits...seriously hits way too close to home!

Last night I took my last walk a little later than normal...I was crampy...moody..and didn't feel like going back out. Jim, in all of his man-ness sat down on the couch by me to watch the news...with a sleeve of Ritz and a can of spray cheese! (thank you mother for bringing that into the house!!!) It has to be the hormones..his prednisone, not mine of course;) YUCK! So, I threw on my tennies and out the door I went. Only to be met by Kujo 2 blocks away...

(this dog actually looks more like our Maxy, but you get the point)

It all started with this crazy SUV roaring down the street, idle high and breaks on...stinkin up the whole town. No idea what was up with that, but had me a little hightened. So, I'm walking along hittin' my stride when I hear this low growl....I turn around and there's this huge boxer-ish dog walking towards me. I say "it's ok baby, good dog" and kept on going...well so did it!!! The stupid thing followed me down that block and a bit around the corner....I was like the power walking queen. I cut back up the backside of town and high tailed it home. So, do you think I burned the same amount of calories as my normal walk doing my break neck pace shorter walk to save my batootie?!?

Anyway, back to business~ I really pushed myself this week~ kept on track, worked my toosh off and what results did I see?

Ehhhh...3 lbs...not happy :(

I'm sure it has to do with the whole bloated hormone thing this week, but crap!!! Oh well, next week....

On a good news front, I can now wear my wedding ring. I took it off after scratching baby Riley and it never fit right take that stupid dog/period raining on my parade!


Michelle said...

Well, Shelly, I know from being the 'pounds off, pounds ON' queen my whole life, that exercise builds muscle, and muscle is heavier than fat, so YOU DID GOOD, girl! Bloated, muscle, and still lost? SCORE!!! Good job!!!

Sorry about Cujo. Maybe he was on a diet and cranky too.
Love ya!

shelly said...

2 1/2 blissful, cujo-free miles tonight! I'm bot giving in and I won't back down!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are brave to not run from the dog.
I always gain 5 # when Aunt Flo comes to town. Ugh. And I never want to work out then either. So you impress me.