Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pneumonia Sucks...Air

Nope, it doesn't blow just plain old sucks!

Remember that terrible cold that the boys and I got in July? The one that was like the plague only worse?

I have no idea if Jim got that one, a month later...or if it was some allergy to mold (which is crazy high with all the flooding we had in our area)...or some crazy disease he got from a sick patient...who knows, but Jim is one sick puppy!

We spent 4 hours in the ER last Friday night, they did every test imaginable...Pneumonia.

We haven't slept more than a couple of hours since that night...Jim's exhausted, I'm exhausted..and the boys are enjoying lots of wii time! (Anything as long as they're quiet!!!). The meds make Jim feel worse, nothing tastes good and he spends all day sounding like he's hacking up a lung :(

We go to the Dr tomorrow for a recheck....if you think about it, shoot up some prayers :)

Hopefully by next week I'll have more to talk about than this stupid bug!


Michelle said...

You got it sweetie! Prayers have gone up, and I'm expecting good news from you! Hope he's back to his old self soon.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh no! How exhausting that can be. we've run through it here--D had it for a MONTH a couple years ago, but we didn't even know what it was. It's such sneaky illness.
Hope you're all getting rest.