Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching My Breath


I feel like I have so much to say, but no words to say breath has been heart is a pile of goo, ripped out and stomped....

Yet, through it matter what...

God Is In Control.

He is still the same, yesterday, tomorrow and today...He is good even when I'm not really feeling like that.

Jim got word last week that he is a semi finalist for the fire postition. As in the pageant world, unless a finalist cannot fulfill his firemanly duties or if they decide to add more cadets, we're done. I just don't even know what to say. We put all of our hope and trust into God's leading and once again, here we sit. Other opportunities have presented themselves..and God still has given us such a heart for Las Cruces...We Will get there...just probably not as we had expected.

I'm disappointed, crushed, defeated.

But, I am not this devistated person. I am still a daughter of the King, loved beyond measure even in my pain.

God still blesses us, stretches us, teaches us to trust in His Soveriegnty.

I've been struggling with how to write this post.

Am I hurting? Yes.

Will I heal? Without a doubt.

This weekend we were blessed to hear a message from Bishop Mpemba...a pastor from Africa that we are affilliated with. It was life breath, straight to our souls.

God does not give you a dream that He cannot fulfill.

It might not look like how we think it should, but even right this very moment, God is working this for our good.

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts through this all....we are completely blessed to have such amazing friends!

Bwana Asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)


Jules said...

Lots more hugs....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

He has a greater plan for you.

Michelle said...

Relax, enjoy TODAY and the gifts you have NOW. Don't lose focus of your blessings here and now, then TRUST in HIM that HE will take you where you should be.

Sending HUGS and good, happy thoughts. I have missed you!

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, Shelly, this is so exactly what happened to us. God laid Colorado on my heart and took it away from us just as quickly... only to bring it a different job, a better job, a job we NEVER imagined.

I'm here if you need to talk. Through our disappointment, I have no doubt God was holding our dreams in his hands...

shelly said...

Thank you all So Much! Time and Time again, you all lift me up. God is putting back the pieces...somehow, I have a feeling that the rebuilt me will never be the same, but in a good way! I've been ruined for the ordinary---praying in expectation for great things to rise from the ashes :)

Love you all! :)

monica said...

sending lots of prayers your way...god is in control (even when life seems out of control)