Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Spirit

I don't know if it's the typtophan or complete exhaustion from everything else, but this lady cracks me up!

This week I walked over 12 miles! (well, until yesterday....when a blister the size of my pinky toe ripped open and now I can't stand to even think about walking!!!!! UGH! I know I'll be better by Monday..Satan, you can't bring me down!)

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your internet magic...hahaha (or should it be hohoho?!?)

***No, I am not at Target...nor will I be there anytime soon this weekend....but, I am not above giving a list to my crazy, wake up at 3, black friday shopping mother!


Michelle said...

This lady cracks me up too. She has to be getting paid a boatload of money, but she's entertaining me!
Hope your toe is back to normal soon. Darn it anyway!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love how manic she is!

Jennifer Juniper said...

This lady cracks me up too! I love when she is in the red track suit and high heels!